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I have been wanting to share things with my community and my subscribers for a long time and was finally able to gather some of them together and add them to my site. I hope you find some helpful support and healing tools on this page. If you decide you would like deeper support and faster results schedule a coaching session or a healing session with me here.

A Meal Time Prayer

Dear God, (Use whatever term that resonates with you.) Thank you for blessing and purifying everything I am about to receive. I send my love, appreciation and gratitude to You, Mother Earth, all of the plants, animals and people that provided this sustenance to me and to my body, knowing that everything I consume feeds, nourishes, heals, strengthens and sustains me body, mind and soul. And so it is! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You God.

A Healing Invocation

My cells, mitochondria, DNA, telomeres, physical body, mental body, emotional body, energy body, etheric body, auric body and spiritual body are infinitely strong, whole, balanced and restored to their divine blueprint of perfection and the highest God vibration they can withstand easily, effortlessly, comfortably, safely and continuously in all timelines and dimensions, past present and future. And so it is! (You can make this a longer, more detailed affirmation by saying this about each organ, system and part of the body. Example: brain, skin, eyes, ears, nose, smell, hearing, vision, teeth, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, capillaries, veins, arteries, bones, bone marrow, heart, kidneys, spleen, adrenals, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, reproductive system, hormones, digestive system, elimination system, lymphatic system, etc.)

3 Fun Ways to Develop Intuition

Automatic Writing
Grab your laptop or a pen and paper and start writing the first thing that pops into your head. No filtering or censoring, just write anything. Another fun exercise is to start off, “If I knew everything I needed to know to ______ I would_________________”
True or False
Imagine you have your very own lie detector with two buttons – green for true or go and red for false or stop. Visualize pressing one of the two buttons before you invest your time or energy into something. Go with the first one that pops into your head. Your first reaction is usually correct.
Multiple Choice
Try this when you are struggling to make a decision between more than one option. Sit with each option and let your awareness sink down into your gut. When you think about having or doing each option how do you feel? Your body often gives you clues when you consciously tune in.

25 Ways to Raise Your Frequency

  • Learn, read, write, and discover new ideas and knowledge that push you to question life, truth, and reality
  • Take responsibility for your life, your thoughts, and your actions
  • Be authentic and act with integrity
  • Meditate
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Practice deep breathing
  • Move your body – dance, run, swim, skip, walk,
  • Sing
  • Eat organic fruits and vegetables
  • Visualize
  • Avoid gossip and negativity
  • Accept that you and everyone else are all perfectly imperfect
  • Compliment everyone
  • Make a commitment to yourself to change the course of your life
  • Face your fears
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Slow down and reduce your to do list
  • Stop taking yourself so seriously
  • Laugh often, especially at yourself
  • Spend 20 – 30 minutes a day outside in the sun
  • Recognize your interconnectedness to all life and all universal energy
  • Appreciate the diversity of all people, cultures, beliefs, plant life, and animals
  • Practice self-love and self-appreciation
  • Give without expecting anything in return
  • Listen to high vibrational music

Meditations Coming Soon!!!

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