In this 7 week interactive intensive you will gain the tools and skills to activate and tune into your intuition for confidence, clarity and guidance in all aspects of you life. Imagine being able to make difficult life decisions with confidence and ease knowing that you are being guided to your highest good and your infinite positive potentials! This event is the foundation for making your life flow with joy and ease. Developing resilience in the face of adversity and recovering your unique genius and internal guidance system that will never steer you wrong. This series will run on 7 consecutive Wednesdays at 6pm beginning July 12th. Click the image above or click the QR Code below to reserve your space. ****THIS SERIES IS CURRENTLY CLOSED. CHECK BACK REGULARLY FOR THE NEXT SERIES DATE.****

In this 7-week series you will get seven 1.5 hour live zoom sessions with Kathy Best – Intuitive Living Guide & Quantum Reiki Master.

  • You will learn how to reconnect your body, mind and soul for deeper, more meaningful experiences and expression of your divine essence.
  • You will learn tools and practices that help you hone your intuition and your trust in yourself and life to support you and navigate life with ease and confidence.
  • You will experience powerful meditations, deep connectedness and worksheets to support your experience and understanding of the processes.
  • Early bird pricing is available for those who register in advance and a FREE 5-Day Intuition Activation is also your free gift.
  • There will also be a bonus 8th session for those who register early. Audio recordings of each session will also be available for a limited time after the series is over.

Here is how the course will flow:

Module 1. Clearing, Grounding, & Protecting

In this module you learn some tools and techniques for clearing, grounding and protecting your physical, emotional, and energy bodies to keep you balanced, centered, and receptive to energy data.  

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Clearing your mental, physical, emotional, and energy bodies.
  • Session 2 – Grounding your energy and attention in the present
  • Session 3 – Protecting your emotional, physical, and energy bodies
  • Session 4 – Learning to recognize you ego voice
  • Session 5 – Raising your vibration
  • Session 6 – Meditation/Activation

Module 2. Connecting to Your Mind, Body & Emotions

In this session you learn how to connect to your mind, body, and emotions so that you can develop a deeper relationship to yourself and learn to recognize what’s yours and what isnt.

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – The 2 Most Important Questions to You Right Now (write these in your journal)
  • Session 2 – Connecting to Your Body
  • Session 3 – Recreating Experiences (have participants recall an experience of wonder,                 disappointment, and joy
  • Session 4 – Tuning In Exercise (have participants answer a series of questions rapidly without     thinking about them)
  • Session 5 – Become the Observer Exercise
  • Session 6 – Homework: Shifting Your Beliefs (Intuition 5 minute practice)

Module 3. Asking the Right Questions & Clearing Clutter

In this session you learn the 3 keys to good questions, a couple of fun, effective intuitive exercises and why decluttering (mental, emotional and environment) is so important

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Learning to ask good questions
    • 3 Keys to good questions (particular, uncomplicated, pertinent)
  • Session 2 – The Stoplight Exercise
  • Session 3 – Meditation
  • Session 4 – Intuitive Exercise – getting connected with a Pendulum (advanced: clearing chakras)
  • Session 5 –Decluttering (clearing unbeneficial thoughts, beliefs)
  • Session 6 – Homework: Decluttering your environments

Module 4. Awareness

In this module you learn to distinguish external and internal information, how to shift your Attention easily and rapidly, getting in the flow and communicating with your guides

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Revising your 2 Most Important Questions
  • Session 2 – Exercise – Getting in the Flow (Paying attention to Everything and Nothing)
  • Session 3 – Meditation – Redwood Forest
  • Session 4 – Testing Your Intuition (box a few items and have students write down impressions of what the items are without seeing them)
  • Session 5 – Communicating with Your Guides (Advanced connecting to your Akash)
  • Session 6 – Practice Shifting your attention from external to internal

Module 5. Symbols

In this session you work with symbols, some intuitive Tools, and your Imagination to really hone your intuition

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Choosing Your Symbols
  • Session 2 – Send My Love Meditation Song
  • Session 3 – Intuiting Symbols (draw shapes on index cards have students intuit them)
  • Session 4 – Oracle Cards: Intuiting Symbol meanings
  • Session 5 – Answering the Unknown
  • Session 6 – Homework – Dream Journal

Module 6. Releasing & Trusting

In this session we focus on letting go of attachment to people, things, outcome or the answers and trusting what comes through

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Sending Love & Light to Your Fears
  • Session 2 – Interpreting Your Dream
  • Session 3 – Learning to Detach from emotions (taking control of your emotions)
  • Session 4 – Meditation/Song I Give Myself Permission
  • Session 5 – Making Things Up (being okay getting things wrong) What If questions?
  • Session 6 – Homework: Review & Preview Your Day (with Neutrality) Using Intuition

Module 7. Building Confidence

In this session we practice putting it all together and getting clear, accurate answers so you feel more confidence and authentic connection

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Homework Review
  • Session 2 – Talking to your past and future selves
  • Session 3 – Reading objects
  • Session 4 – What Color Am I Thinking
  • Session 5 – Reading a classmate
  • Session 6 – Answering Your Questions

*Bonus Module 8.Your Superpower in Action

In this bonus session we do a reading get intuitive information from objects that are imprinted by people in the group.

  • Opening Invocation
  • Session 1 – Imprinting Objects
  • Session 2 – Meditation Song (Face of God)
  • Session 3 – Connection and Confidence
  • Session 4 – Sharing
  • Session 5 – You Did It Closing Song (Blessing to the World)

Click on the QR Code above to register for the 7-Week Ignite Your Intuition Interactive Series.

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