The Light Weight Living Experience is a series of in-person, interactive classes that meets every Sunday from 2pm – 4pm, at the WellNest, downtown Roanoke, VA. 16 Church Ave SW Suite 102, Roanoke, VA 24011

The First class is FREE for everyone, but you still have to register below, just don’t complete the payment process.

This interactive series will cover topics related to wellness, weight loss, mindset, handling stress, conscious living, healthy relationships, and emotional, mental, energetic & spiritual development. Each class is $35. You must register and pay at least one day in advance. (WellNest members receive a discounted price of $28.) Refunds are given if 24 hour notice is provided. There are no refunds for no shows.
Walk-ins are welcome but must pay with cash.

The first class starts March 7, 2021 at 2 pm and will be an intro to the series. In this class we will cover the basics of diets, why they don’t work long-term, what you can do to lose weight and keep it off, body wisdom and how it can help you make better choices in every area of life, the benefits of gratitude and guided meditation, the innate gifts we are all born with and how they can provide confidence, clarity, well-being, and guide you toward living an extraordinary life.

Each successive class will build upon the previous, but it will not be necessary to attend each class to benefit from any individual class.

All classes will be held at the WellNest at 16 Church Ave SW Suite 102, Roanoke, VA 24011 every Sunday from 2pm to 4pm, 4 times per month. There will be no class on the 5th week of any month. These will be interactive classes so be ready to participate. Every class will provide you with knowledge and tools to make important changes in your life. The more classes you attend the more easily you will find it to improve your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and energetic well-being.

A description of each class will be posted on this website in advance of the upcoming class.

You can register and pay for each class below. Classes will be $35 each, but WellNest members only pay $28 per class. Only WellNest members may take the discounted price. Proof of membership will be required in each class.

Walk-ins are welcome but must pay with cash.

No refunds are provided unless you cancel 24 hours in advance!

Masks will be optional. I do not require masks to be worn as they inhibit your ability to take in oxygen, increase your intake of carbon dioxide, stress your immune system, and increase your susceptibility to illness. If you feel better wearing a mask please do so, but please do not expect others to wear one for your comfort.

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