Hi, I’m Kathy.
I’m your Light Weight Living Expert. 
Together we can collaborate and co-create the successful results you’re longing for.
Life can be challenging and downright painful when you don’t know the universal principles that are at work or how to apply them in alignment with your highest good. That’s where I come in.
I was raised to believe life was a constant struggle, there was never enough, you couldn’t trust anyone, and you could never get ahead.  As a child  I can only ever remember feeling  fearful, unsafe, and powerless. I witnessed animal torture, people repeatedly stealing from us, and a double homicide, experienced a home invasion, sexual harassment, and an automobile injury, all by the time I was 7 years old. Childhood experiences made me believe the world was not a kind, safe place and it was better to be invisible. I gained a lot of weight as a child to prevent myself from being seen and to soothe myself from feeling unsafe and powerless. I quit going outside and spent all of my free time in front of the television eating, or in my room, reading and eating.
I recall a pivotal moment shortly after my 30th birthday. I was lying in bed after injuring both of my legs in exercising accidents when my mother brought me a book to read. This book shook me up, angered me, frightened me, excited me, frustrated me, but mainly it got me questioning all of my beliefs about God and about life.

That led me to studying and learning new ways of thinking and believing. I began to dive into anything that could expand my consciousness: online courses, guided meditations, workshops, lectures, books, videos, and energy work. I got a certification in Nutritional Therapy and that helped me make the physical changes. I took classes in developing intuition, connecting and working with Archangels, EFT, and Quantum Touch, and that’s when things really started to shift. During one of my guided meditations I connected to something so unconditionally loving and compassionate that my whole life changed. I no longer felt alone. I knew in that moment that my physical body was not who I was. I felt it in my mind, body, and soul that my true essence was that of an infinite being of unlimited love and I was intrinsically connected to everything and everyone.

I became aware that the way we are taught to live life is not the way life truly works. I knew that I and everyone else on this planet was connected to a Life Force so powerful and so loving that it could help me transform my life and it was just waiting for me to ask. I was here to be a unique Divine expression of the Source of my being and love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude were the most powerful tools any of us had to heal and create the life of our dreams.
And I realized something else; We are all born with an internal guidance system that can protect, warn, and navigate us away from unhealthy, unbeneficial experiences and toward experiences that bring us our highest good. I finally understood how life worked and why it hadn’t been working for me. I had been living in a fear and blame mode that kept me stuck and disconnected from that guidance system. So thanks to Source, my mother and mentor, and the Archangels, I started making changes. It wasn’t like I flipped a switch. It took effort and intention, but I was able to develop my Intuition, (which is a divine gift all of us where given to navigate life with wisdom and clarity), overcome my fears, limiting thoughts and beliefs, find my truth, and step into my power.
And that’s when I learned I can create my reality anytime I choose, when I cultivate and follow my Intuitive insights, stay connected to my higher guidance and ask for assistance when I need it.
I found a good job in accounting, bought my own home, created a vibrant, healthy body, wonderful friendships, and started being of service for the disabled. Life was unfolding with ease, joy, peace, and prosperity, but I still longed for a romantic relationship.
I spent six years as a single mother. It took me a few years to overcome the unhealthy, inaccurate beliefs I had created around men and romantic relationships. I did the work on my own sabotaging beliefs and started working with vision boards, affirmations, visualizations, journaling, meditating, and getting crystal clear on the kind of man I wanted in my life. I practiced forgiveness, learned to become my best friend, and I fell in love with the person I was becoming. I started following my intuitive guidance and doing things that seemed random and out of the ordinary for me, but always led to exciting new opportunities.
I met my current husband while taking dance lessons, (which I never would have done if I had not listened to my Intuition and started volunteering at a local center and run into an old friend who invited me out dancing), and we married after two short years of dating. He is a wonderful, kind, loving, talented man with four beautiful daughters. I felt so blessed and on top of the world. I decided to go back to college and become a Dietitian. Little did I know Life was about to test my faith and my strength immensely. You see, I had completely thrown away all of the practices that had gotten me everything I had wanted after I got married. I threw myself into my marriage with a frenzy and completely lost the person I had become in the process. I worked full-time, cooked all of our meals from scratch, cleaned our large home every weekend, threw get-togethers for my husband’s very large family, did everything I could to make my four stepdaughters like me, made sure birthdays and holidays were very lavish, special events. Anytime anyone needed help with anything I was there. I was volunteering and making time to do things with friends, exercising 1-2 hours a day and all the while I was complaining to my doctor that I was always tired and couldn’t seem to gain the muscle tone I used to have. I also started reverting back to many of my old self-sabotaging behaviors and fearful beliefs.
Meanwhile my job had become extremely stressful, unfulfilling, and draining. The degree I had gotten in my twenties was not recognized by the college I was attending for Dietetics, so I was expected to start over with all of the useless general education classes. During that first year at school, my son wound up in the emergency room twice, was sent home twice and then finally admitted for an emergency appendectomy. He was in the hospital for a week, released and returned back to the emergency room with severe dehydration. The doctor that admitted him told me he had almost died and he was kept for another week to make sure he was well enough to be released. Needless to say that shook me up enough that I needed a break from school, so I took a couple of semesters off.
I went back the following year and wound up in the emergency room myself, twice, with severe chest and back pain. Doctors could not find anything wrong with me, so I was release both times with a warning that I needed to slow down. I took some time off from school again.
I was now 40, still trying to get a degree in Dietetics and I hadn’t even gotten to any of the core classes yet. Third times the charm, right? I had been studying nutrition principles for over 10 years on my own and the things I was learning didn’t seem to fit the model of wellness I had developed to get fit and healthy. The model I was studying in school put an emphasis on grains, protein, moderate dairy, and fruits and vegetables. I had come to understand that most grains were counterproductive when it came to weight loss and overall health. Dairy was also a common trigger for many people and not all proteins were created equal, but I felt that a degree would give me more credibility, so back to school I went.
I started back in the Summer/Fall term and right before Christmas break my father was diagnosed with stomach cancer. This was devastating news, but we just knew he was going to beat this. He started chemo and radiation and I spent many of my lunch hours sitting with him in the chemo room. I continued with some classes but had to cut back to two, so I could help my mother and spend more time with my dad. More bad news arrived in the Spring. His cancer had spread to his lungs and his brain.  The doctor said it was incurable and he gave my father six to twelve months to live. We were all devastated, but my dad said he was going to beat this, so we didn’t give up hope. I dropped out of college, for good, I felt this time. My father was having such severe pain they kept him on several strong pain killers. It got to the point where he was no longer able to function at home, he was a Vietnam Veteran, so we checked him into the VA hospital. That was a very difficult time for all of us. My sister flew in from New Mexico and my aunt and uncle came up from North Carolina. I spent as much time at the hospital as I could and told my dad how much I loved him. Sometimes he knew who I was and sometimes he didn’t.
My husband and I had previously purchased non-refundable plane tickets for his business convention in Las Vegas in August, so we left after I said my goodbye to my dad and told him he didn’t need to keep holding on for us, he could let go and let the angels take him home. He died three days later, while I was in Vegas with my husband. I have much regret about not being there when he passed, but truthfully I am not sure I could have handled it. My mother was a rock. I never saw her shed a tear through it all, even though I know she was grieving inside. She took care of everything with such grace and calm. I never really knew she had that kind of strength in her.
Two years after my father passed, a health crisis finally forced me to resign from my 16 year career in accounting, but I realize now it was Spirit’s way of giving me the opportunity to reconnect to the spiritual practices I had thrown to the wayside after I got remarried. It was also my opportunity to pursue a new career. I used what I had learned in my 16 years studying wellness, nutrition, spiritual principles, and reconnecting to and listening to my Intuition to heal myself and I also achieved a Rapid Results coaching certification. That’s when I knew, deep in my heart, what I was here to do.

I’ve spent over 16 years immersing myself in the study, research, and testing of nutritional, physical, emotional, and spiritual theories and practices to determine what works best for creating a life of vibrant health, ease, confidence, love, prosperity, and fulfillment. I have training in nutrition, energy healing, meditation, angel communication, soul coaching, and many other modalities, but it was my own healing that led me to the path of teaching.

I know without a doubt that the body, mind, and soul are intrinsically connected and your Intuition can help you keep each aspect in balance to live a harmonious, happy, healthy, extraordinary life.

This brings me to you, dear heart.

You can absolutely embrace a life that is beyond anything you can imagine. I believe I went through what I did, so that I could be here with you now and help you to harness this awesome power to recreate your life at this very moment.

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