Is The Key to Freedom In Our Past?

by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert, CRM, CRRC, CNTC

History does not have to repeat itself

Our families affect us on a daily basis in everything we do and become. This is true about our immediate family as well as our ancestors. Beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, emotional responses, memories and patterns are passed down from generation to generation through energetic bonds and genetic influences. If one, several or many of our ancestors died with unresolved sorrow, heartache, fear, loss, or trauma, an energetic imprint is created and coded into their descendants DNA. (This is also the case with major events that reach a positive resolution.)  This genetic imprint does not necessarily doom descendants to the same experience, but it can create alternate circumstances relating to the core issues or deeply influence choices and behaviors like scarcity mindset, unhealthy relationships, lack of self-esteem, or irrational fears. For example, if your parents and grandparents struggled to earn enough money or they suffered in any way because of an abundance of money and their struggle or ordeal caused any of them deep emotional pain or physical suffering, you may be carrying the financial beliefs and patterns of your ancestors in your subconscious mind and DNA. If you had several or many generations who went through similar experiences there may be many layers of energetic and genetic encoding that keeps you struggling with money or resisting prosperity. 

For many of us, our ancestors were taught to follow the rules and obey their elders. They were taught to do what was expected of them without complaint or consideration for their own personal needs, dreams and desires. Our ancestors were taught and programmed within the 3D Matrix agenda and consciousness. The 3D Matrix is an energetic web created of limiting beliefs, thoughts forms, emotions and control mechanisms of fear, coercion and insecurity. This is the environment previous generations were birthed into and grew up in.

Examples of patterns and suffering that can be passed down to descendants are poverty consciousness, abusive behaviors (physical, mental, emotional and sexual), mental illness, fear of persecution, failure, success, attack, feelings of victimization, unlovable, unintelligent, weak, untalented, unworthy, invisible, worthlessness and constant struggle.

  • If your parents and grandparents were stuck in poverty and struggled to get by, you could be carrying on that generational pattern of poverty and struggle. 
  • If you were abused as a child, your parent(s) may have experienced abuse from their parent(s) who also experienced abuse.  
  • If you are attracted to romantic partners who abuse you in some way, you may be subconsciously carrying an energetic or genetic pattern of dysfunctional or abusive relationships that has been encoded into your generational DNA.  

The good news is that planetary and individual consciousness is constantly shifting and has greatly evolved in the recent past with even greater strides in the present and next decade. Your parents, grandparents and great grandparents were born and raised in a very different consciousness and society. Awareness and questioning are the first steps in overcoming unhealthy or unbeneficial generational patterns. You can become the facilitator and vehicle for generational healing. Willingly, honestly, and impartially observing the patterns in your life that are keeping you stuck in unhealthy expressions and experiences or preventing you from living your hopes and dreams can inspire or stimulate deep, meaningful change.

Start with one lesser pattern that keeps repeating in your life. Maybe there’s a pattern or habit related to obsessing over small things or always dismissing good experiences or good thoughts. Maybe it doesn’t feel so overwhelming to begin to notice when you fall into this habit and make a better choice. Stop, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself you are the master of your mind and behavior and you are choosing a better thought, feeling, behavior or reaction. Another simple process is to imagine yourself processing and transforming that pattern in your consciousness and subconscious mind. Pull up the thought, behavior, belief or reaction in your mind. See or feel it with as much clarity as possible, even going so far as to imagine a scenario that provoked it and give yourself permission to change or rewrite that program within yourself. You can call in an image or feeling of fog, a rainbow, a computer, an angel, or even go so far as to imagine the same scenario with you choosing a different, better response. Think, say, imagine, or do whatever you feel could permanently rewrite this pattern in your energetic and genetic fields for good. If it’s a pattern that has caused strong painful feelings for the majority of your life, choosing to free yourself may bring about some anxiety or fear. That’s perfectly normal. It may take several sessions to transform or rewrite long-held emotionally charged patterns. Just identify the feeling(s), acknowledge them, accept them, and let them run through you without becoming lost in them. Practice becoming an observer of your feelings instead of identifying as the feeling. The key to releasing your emotions is observation and acceptance. When you recognize, acknowledge and accept the emotion, you free yourself to make a better choice next time.  

Imagine the pattern has been transformed or rewritten permanently in your life and feel the freedom and gratitude as if it were true! Notice if any anxiety or tension arises and pay attention to the level of intensity. It may not even be present. If it is go through the process again. The more clearly and deeply you imagine transforming the pattern and feeling the gratitude and freedom, the more you will begin to embody the transformation you desire. Choose to use the phrase “I feel” to transform unhealthy patterns and the phrase “I am” for the new, better pattern you want to establish. The phrase “I AM” is the most potent and powerful mental and verbal tool we have to create our experiences and our reality. There are many other processes and tools we can use to recreate our habits, thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Just remember that this is not a one and done process. Just as we did not come by these self-destructive or limiting patterns overnight, it may take some time to form healthier, wiser patterns. Be gentle and kind with yourself if you backslide and give yourself lots of recognition and appreciation when you catch yourself and choose a higher path.

Kathy Best is an intuitive living expert with over 19 years’ experience using nutrition, energy work, intuitive guidance along with mental, emotional, and spiritual processes to guide and support healing in all aspects of life. A severe health crisis forced her to resign from a 14 year career in accounting 5 years ago. She was able to heal herself and made it her mission to help others reconnect to their body, mind and soul wisdom for better health and more happiness. She is a certified reiki master, rapid results coach, nutritional therapy consultant, creator of the Light Weight Living program and lifelong learner of all things that help expand and grow personal power and potential. She applies her training and study of herbs, nutrition, energy medicine, EFT, Ho’oponopono, angel communication, light and sound therapy, compassionate communication and Intuitive guidance to help people recover from chronic illness, find their purpose, create loving relationships and pursue fun, fulfilling lifestyles.

After years of study and inner work, Kathy has developed the ability to intuit the energetic and emotional energies we each carry and now offers remote energy clearings. Since we’re rarely taught as children or adults how to process and let go of painful or negative emotions, those emotions can become stuck in our tissues, organs and cells. If you’ve ever gone through any traumatic event in your life such as an auto accident, loss of a loved one, physical or emotional abuse, job loss, romantic break up,  chances are you didn’t know how to deal with the emotional overwhelm of those events. Those emotions then become stored in your physical and energetic body.

Once that happens, you can subconsciously develop attachments to the experiences that created those feelings and your mind then believes you wish to relive those feelings. It finds opportunities to recreate scenarios that can cause those same feelings over and over.  Impartial awareness is the first step to becoming Self Empowered. Once you become aware of the thoughts and feelings that are keeping you stuck, they can be processed and transformed.

Kathy can intuit the energy in a photo of a person and identify self-sabotaging or disempowering thoughts, beliefs, emotions and patterns which she then helps the body process and transform from the physical and energetic fields. Many clients have reported having deep healing experiences or increased energy, happier disposition, renewed enthusiasm or passion for life. Each remote session is unique to each individual receiving it and can range from a simple increase in peace and calm to a life changing awakening. You can schedule a complimentary breakthrough session or register for an energy session HERE

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