Finding Gifts in the Midst of Change and Challenge

by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert, CRM, CRRC, CNTC

For many of us 2022 started off with more uncertainty, difficulty and challenge. We were all hoping things would begin to wind down and turn around, alas the global powers that be had other plans, despite the greatest attempts by the realms of divine light and love. My life was no exception. That’s why I’ve been silent for 9 months. I had the need and the blessed ability to step away from my work to deal with unexpected, urgent situations. You may think that being an intuitive and a healer puts me in a better position when all hell breaks loose, but that’s not always the case. Being an intuitive allows me to make more conscious, informed decisions and helps me stay centered, calm, and grateful in challenging times, but it doesn’t keep me from experiencing what the collective is going through. If anything, I feel more deeply the anguish, frustration and fear of the people in my community.

January brought about the end of my first in-person intuitive development program and thwarted hopes of another in March. My husband had been suffering from breathing and swallowing problems, but they became very concerning in late January and early February. We went to several specialists and they determined he had bi-vocal cord paralysis, but could not find the root cause of the symptoms. It was urgently suggested that he go to the ER and have a tracheostomy. He and I both thought that was too extreme at the time and I set about to find a more holistic cure for his health.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I take medical diagnosis with a grain of salt. Unfortunately, after working with dozens of allopathic doctors and specialists for my own health challenges I became painfully aware that they have neither the time nor the training to do much more than run tests, write prescriptions, and perform surgery. I am not knocking doctors. I realize that many go into debt and spend a decade of their life training because they want to help people. Unfortunately, modern medicine is more of an illness management system, not intended to cure or heal anything. I’ve spent over 19 years researching, testing and investigating wellness, healing, nutrition, and the body/mind connection to illness and good health.

Thanks to my background in nutrition and my willingness to connect and listen to my internal guidance system (intuition) I tend to attract the information and resources I need to get to the core of any problem. I put my husband on a keto diet, removed sugar, caffeine, alcohol and gluten. Added lots of fresh vegetables and low glycemic fruits and in 15 days he was much better. He was swallowing without choking, his energy was returning and at 21 days he was even starting to breathe better. Unfortunately, my husband is the type of person that wants a quick fix. Additionally he suffers from deeply rooted alcohol and caffeine addictions and after 21 days, even though he felt better than he had in years, he decided to go back to caffeine and alcohol. Needless to say I was disappointed, but not surprised. At least I knew there was a cure for his ailments.

This leads me to another question that comes up often. Why are some people able to heal themselves or be cured by external remedies and others are not? I came to understand long ago that we are all here to experience life in our own unique way. We as sparks of divinity incarnate to give theoretical expressions physical form for the Source of our being. We get to choose what we create in our lives as well as inside our bodies, though most of us do it unconsciously. When someone does not recover from an illness or disease it isn’t necessarily because the treatment didn’t work….

Sometimes the ill person has a subconscious block preventing them from being well. Sometimes, on a soul level, they have chosen to experience an illness or disease running its course. Sometimes they choose to suffer as part of an intricate soul family experience that may be a catalyst for someone else in their current life. Sometimes they forget that they have the power to restore their health and get so caught up in the external drama of physical life as well as the part they are playing that they seal their fate through long-held fearful beliefs. Sometimes they break their own soul agreement to be of support or to care for someone they share deep emotional bonds with. Sometimes they are unable to break or heal an ancestral pattern that prevents them from recovering. Sometimes their soul decides to get out of Dodge sooner than planned when they feel they’ve gotten way off track and getting back on will be more than they bargained for. The point is that we all have choices whether we recognize, acknowledge or accept them and we all do what we feel is right with the wisdom and knowledge we have access to at the time. Nothing that happens in life is a coincidence or meaningless unless we choose to make it so.

I myself have been experiencing deep levels of fatigue, physical pain, weakness, shortness of breath and brain fog. I already know the cause, but decided to go see a Nurse practitioner who was recommended, just to see if she could get results that had eluded my other doctors five years ago. Thankfully we have excellent insurance, so I wasn’t too concerned about the costs. I told her my symptoms and also about the infected tick bite I had gotten the summer of 2020. (I had applied my knowledge in herbs and essential oils in treating that issue when it occurred, but it was possible I hadn’t used the protocol long enough.)

She ran a battery of tests to the tune of 8 vials of blood and 10k. Results were what I already knew. My chronic reactive EBV was over 950. (I’m still not sure why most doctors and practitioners are not aware that this is a serious, often chronic condition and debilitating condition for millions of people.) I tested positive for Lyme, hypothyroidism and my hormones were off. She didn’t do a mold test, but I knew that was another issue, (It caused me to be bed ridden for almost a year back in 2017.), as we had visible mold outside on current home and on the screen doors and window sills. So she had a doctor prescribe an antibiotic for the Lyme, as if that was going to solve a two year old case and suggestion I visit a functional doctor in Lexington. As much as I liked this nurse and knew she did her best to help me I was still disappointed that not much seemed to have changed in our current medical system in the past 5 years, unless you count the ridiculously useless mask requirement and pushing experimental treatments as vaccines for a virus that has a 98% recovery rate.

So as is my nature I decided to investigate newer protocols, treatments and cures of a homeopathic or energetic nature. I found a number of essential oils that work well for viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. I researched solutions and carrier oils, internal and external dosages and I started testing them. I also went back to some tried and true herbal remedies, investigated and tested rife frequencies, scalar frequencies, PEMF and sound therapies, went back to my vegetarian lifestyle, used some probiotic sprays to clean with and started doing energy medicine, qigong and Reiki on myself. Things would improve and then I would backslide, so I would have to adjust treatments and protocols, listening to my body and my intuition as I went along. This was several months of trial and testing, but I love finding solutions so even though I had some struggles and made some painful mistakes I was always able to see and appreciate the gifts in my experiences.

We had a friend commit suicide and lost my uncle unexpectedly in March, my husband had a battery of tests done as well and several family members and close friends were experiencing illness, financial struggles, relationship troubles, loss, and injury as well. In July my husband suffered a near death experience on his eldest daughter’s birthday. He was outside digging a ditch in the humid heat of the day and when he came in he was very pale and struggling for breath. I gave him some liquid osha root which is useful in open airways, but in this case it seemed to make matters worse. I called 911 and had I known it would take them 45 minutes to arrive I would have driven him to the ER myself. I was on the phone with the 911 operator, trying to do some energy work on him, had called in the archangels, but we were saying our goodbyes to one another because he had turned gray and was barely conscious when they arrived. His oxygen level was down to 30% and they had to give him every oxygen tank they had just to get him stabilized enough to take to the hospital.

He was taken to a hospital I will not name, that has a reputation for expensive, unnecessary procedures, treatments and suing people who cannot afford to pay. They tried to convince him to have a tracheotomy then, but he refused. They wanted to put him on all sorts of medications, but I requested that he should only receive what was absolutely necessary. They tested him for the virus that shut down the world and when he tested negative they still tried to give him the experimental treatment, but I he refused. He was stabilized and his oxygen was back to 98% by late evening, but they wanted to keep him overnight in the ER. We stayed for 24 hours and requested that they prescribe oxygen for him to use at home. They refused, but send a steroid prescription instead and grudgingly released him, not even offering a wheel chair to take him to downstairs. I went to the parking garage to get the car and knew immediately something was wrong. I had a sense earlier in the week that there was an issue, but had dismissed it. So the car idled roughly, and sputtered and hesitated it started, backed up fine, but in drive it kept jerking forward and stalling. I couldn’t get it two feet before it would die again and again. I was able to back it up and get it back into the space before another car came around the bend. I had to go back down to my husband and give him the bad news. We had to call 3 different people before we could find someone to pick us up and take us to a midway point where we would meet our ride home. That was a very challenging 30 hours, but through it I knew everything was going to be okay and I was grateful for my strength and wisdom as well as the people who truly helped us.

The following week I made an appointment with the specialist at another hospital we preferred and my husband was admitted for surgery. He was in the hospital for 3 days and had wonderful nurses and physicians the whole time. I wasn’t allowed to spend the night because he was in ICU the whole time, but I was there every day all day and I was so grateful for the wonderful care and my ability to be with him throughout the experience.

Fast forward a month and the tracheostomy is much more of a challenge and daily process than either of us expected. It may have improved his ability to breathe, but he still has no energy, shortness of breath, inability to sleep, painful irritation around the trach, lots of maintenance and showering became a life and death struggle until I found something he could wear over his trach. There hasn’t been much improvement and actually he decided to go back to bad eating and drinking habits so his overall health is declining. Through it all I am affirming the highest and best for everyone. Doing everything I can to support his healing, but if someone isn’t open to or willing to do their part in healing it’s really a lost cause. I finally decided to just love him, be here for him and focus more on my own self-care. I tend to throw myself full force in to helping others heal to the detriment of my own wellness. My own wellness is just as if not more important. If I don’t have the strength, energy and stamina to take care of myself I will be of no benefit to anyone else.

He is still hoping for a quick fix and to that end we made an appointment with another hospital a few hours away that has two highly trained specialists in laryngology. They have more specialized training in new techniques and procedures, so my husband is hoping they will offer something that will fix the issue and provide better quality of life. I on the other hand do not foresee a cure coming from any external surgery or treatment. The cure lies in his decision to make the necessary permanent lifestyle changes that support his body in returning to balance and wellness.

For some people that is just too much to ask of them. It’s not laziness or lack of desire. I see it as a feeling of victimhood, lack of belief/trust in a higher power that wants only good for them, feeling undeserving of true healing or shameful of the root cause of their dis-ease. Sometimes the illness becomes who they are and they fear loss of that identity or the codependent relationships their illness has created. Regardless of the reasons, it is not my place to judge or force my will on anyone else. I simply open myself up to the opportunity to show more love, compassion, appreciation and kindness in the time we have left together. No matter what unfolds it will never be the end of him or our relationship. It will only be a shift in dimensional expression and communication. We are all essentially infinite and eternal whether we believe it or not. The only thing our belief does is create more struggle or ease in the process.

I have returned to part-time distance work and am currently offering individual intuitive life coaching sessions, distance energy healing sessions, intuitive activation training, or you can purchase meditations and join my next intuitive group training. Email me for details here or you can message me on my website from the message app at the bottom right corner the screen.

Kathy Best is an intuitive living expert with over 19 years’ experience using nutrition, energy work, intuitive guidance along with mental, emotional, and spiritual processes to guide and support healing in all aspects of life. A severe health crisis forced her to resign from a 14 year career in accounting 5 years ago. She was able to heal herself and made it her mission help others reconnect to their body, mind and soul wisdom for better health and more happiness. She is a certified reiki master, rapid results coach, nutritional therapy consultant, creator of the Light Weight Living program and lifelong learner of all things that help expand and grow personal power and potential. She applies her training and study of herbs, nutrition, energy medicine, EFT, ho’oponopono, angel communication, light and sound therapy, compassionate communication and Intuitive guidance to help people recover from chronic illness, find their purpose, create loving relationships and pursue fun, fulfilling lifestyles.

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