The Universe is Always on Your Side

written by: Kathy Best – Intutive Living Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Podcaster, Angel Communicator, & Life Coach

September 27, 2021

No matter how good your plans are, never be afraid or frustrated when they don’t work out and you have to pivot in other directions. Today I had planned to spend the day working on a live event I am doing tomorrow, posting an angel message, updating another event on my website, writing a blog post, and testing my internet for my zoom event tomorrow.

Instead I had to retrace my steps from yesterday, this including driving downtown (a 45 minute drive one-way), stopping by the store for printer paper and calling another store I went to yesterday because I thought I lost my password book. I had already searched my home, looked in every possible place it could be, in my car, under my stacks of books, on my desk, on the floor, everywhere. I even called on Archangel Chamuel to show me where it was, but no luck. This book is like my lifeline for all of the websites, services, and companies I do business with and to have lost it was a little irritating. I was never really frantic or upset because I made sure that no one could figure out what email address I used for each website and most of them had two-factor authentication using my phone number. I was annoyed that I had to go traipsing all over town instead of following my personal agenda. It was something I had not planned to deal with today, but my annoyance quickly faded as I took off in my car, windows down, letting the cool breeze wash away the heat of irritation, singing along to Karen Drucker’s song – Thank You for This Day. There are always a number of ways to shift yourself out of negative patterns and into peace, calm, and joy. Uplifting music is one of those ways for me.

While I was out I attempted to check my bank balance about 8 times via phone banking which I love to use when I’m not near my pc, but the calls kept losing sound which has never happened before so I was never able to complete the call.

I made it home about 2pm and tried the bank number on my landline another few times and kept getting a busy signal which I thought was weird since it’s an automated service, but the final time I tried it rang about a dozen times and then gave me a busy signal. Okay, so I’m not supposed to make this call right now. I get it even if I don’t like it.

So I get on my computer and log into my bank account to change my password and make sure we still have money to cover the purchase I made earlier and the bank is showing we have several hundred dollars more than I show in my checkbook……Yeah, I love it when that happens.

I also notice that money was taken out of savings earlier, so I call my husband and he confirmed it was his doing. Had I gotten through on the phone I would have done an unnecessary transfer. Thank you universe!!

Then I think about the huge task of changing all of my passwords and I ask Archangel Chamuel to please show me where my password book is.

I log into my Canva account to make some changes to one of my FB event promos and a presentation I’m working on and I keep getting this message that my internet connection is lost. Well I’m looking at the connection icon on my laptop and it’s showing a strong signal…??

So I stop trying to make that happen and I glance over at the dresser next to my desk. I pick up the archangel book lying there, (which I had done earlier looking for my password book) and low and behold my password book is lying there!! It was in the moment that I let go of the need to find it that the angels were able to step in and give it to me. Thank you God for all the good you provide when we learn to ask and just let go – that’s when we receive.

I finished up on Canva later, but when I got onto FB it would not let me edit my event, so I will be taking it down sometime this week and posting a new one. I didn’t get to do my angel message, but I know I can do one tomorrow or the next day so I’m not making it a problem where one doesn’t exist.

I also didn’t finish my presentation, but I know I can get it done in the morning before my FB live in the Metabolic Wellness group.

I relax into the flow and align my vibration with ease and acceptance and things always work out well. I have truly learned to make self-care a priority and not get stressed or angry when plans change or fall apart. The great thing about co-creating with the Universe is that you are given so many opportunities to create, re-recreate, modify, change, redirect, re-imagine, and redirect your attention, desires, goals, aspirations, and plans. It’s never truly about the destination, the end result, or completion…….it’s about enjoying the journey, the twists and turns, the stops and starts, the detours, and the scenic routes that make life so interesting, unpredictable and filled with wonder.🙏👼🥰💖

Kathy Best
Intuitive Living Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Life Coach, and Angel Communicator
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