6 Ways to Clear Your Space for Divine Connection

written by: Kathy Best – Intuitive Living Expert,

September 12, 2021 (excerpt from article on September 13, 2020)

You always have access to support and guidance from the angels, ascended masters, the Universe, God, or whatever you resonate with, but allowing your heart and mind to be open and receptive to messages can be quite a challenge for many people who may feel undeserving, fearful, or inadequate. Practicing tuning into your body wisdom, your intuition, and working with your chakras are all excellent ways to develop your confidence and clarity when it comes to divine guidance. Always prepare and purify yourself and your space prior to attempting connection. Center yourself in your heart space and fill yourself with gratitude, appreciation and optimism. Preparing your space with sage, crystals, sacred sound, gratitude and optimism are good ways to clear, protect and raise the energy prior to connection. Meditation and deep, slow breathing are also valuable practices to open a channel.

Here are 6 ways to purify yourself and your space to ensure you and your environment are at a vibrational frequency that can safely receive messages from the angels and higher realms.

  1. Center your mind and emotions by focusing your attention on your heart space and visualizing something or someone that brings you feelings of joy, peace, kindness, compassion, or gratitude. Set the intention to clear, purify and consecrate your environment and space. Intention and emotional resonance are the two most important aspects of any sacred, divine, or spiritual work. Hold these feelings and emotions in your heart center and magnify them until you feel them overflowing into every area of your body and mind. Continue to focus on these positive emotions as you complete the cleansing and clearing of your environment.
  2. If you have a Tibetan singing bowl or brass bell you can set your intention to cleanse and clear your environment of all negative, low, or unbeneficial energies, frequencies, and vibrations. Call in Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Chamuel, Ariel, and Jophiel to clear and transmute anything not of the highest vibration for the highest good of all concerned.  Stand in the center of the room and begin ringing or tapping your bell or bowl progressively louder as you turn counterclockwise in a complete circle. If you are in your home it is best to go ahead and clear all of the rooms, including closets. You can simply open the closet door and ring your bell or bowl in the closet space. If you’re using a bowl let the bowl continue to sing and do not move from the room or space until the bowl has fallen silent on its own.
  3. You can also use sage, sweet grass, palo santo, frankincense, or myrrh. The first two come in slow burning bundles which can be lit, using the smoke you can walk through each room fanning the smoke in every corner and closet, calling on the archangels, ascended masters or whomever else you feel connected to. Frankincense and myrrh will either be in resin form or incense. The idea is the same. Make sure you have a fireproof container to carry the lit item in, like a glass or ceramic bowl with sea salt in the bottom, an abalone shell, or an incense burner, and practice fire safety protocol. (* Sage, sweet grass, and palo santo have become extremely popular and many harvesters and suppliers are not using ethical or sustainable practices, so make sure you investigate your supplier before you buy.)
  4. If you want something a little simpler you can purchase or make a room spray using essential oils, cheap vodka, rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel, and distilled or purified water. For additional power you can add small healing or protective crystals to the mix. Lavender, frankincense, lemon, rosemary, cypress, and lemongrass are all good options. I use a smokeless smudge spray, that I absolutely love, which was gifted to me by a dear friend. I use it in most of my clearing practices and it works wonderfully.
  5. You can also use crystals and stones to protect and cleanse your environment, just remember that your crystals and stones require regular clearing and purifying as well. Amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, selenite, apophyllite, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, and ametrine are all excellent for clearing and purifying people and spaces. Putting them in a glass or ceramic dish or bowl with pink Himalayan sea salt overnight, or indefinitely, can keep them clear and charged. You can also set them out in sunlight or moonlight for several hours or run water over them for a few minutes to clear and cleanse them. Your intention is what’s most important.
  6. The final and easiest way to cleanse and purify a space is to simply use your intention and affirm that it is so. A few years ago this would not have been so easily done, but the energy of the planet has now shifted to the extent that humanity is more easily able to manifest what they focus their intention and attention on. We have shifted up the dimensional ladder enough that our ability to materialize what we deeply desire is become easier and faster. I would not recommend this to a beginner or anyone that does not have a strong foundation and plenty of experience in spiritual or healing work. This requires the ability to stay in a high vibrational state or raise your frequency rapidly and confidently. Intention is the most important part, but if you are in an unbalanced emotional state, lack faith or trust in yourself or your skills, or are in a space that has a long, negative history it’s better to follow a ritual, practice, or call in an experienced practitioner.

If you ever receive feelings or impressions of anger, frustration, irritation, negativity, judgement, criticism, ridicule, harm, or any other lower vibrational frequency disconnect immediately as you are not connecting to the realms of love and light where the angels and your higher power reside. Your person and space will need to be cleared and purified quickly and intensely to protect yourself and your environment. The angels, ascended masters, and Spirit will always feel and express only unconditionally loving, supportive guidance and support. Do Not play with energies that exhibit or feel malevolent, negative, or anything other than love. These can be extremely difficult to rid yourself of and can cause serious harm to yourself and loved ones. This is not to scare you and is only meant to affirm that you must use caution and discernment when beginning any form of spiritual communication. Especially if you have a tendency to experience or attract negative people or circumstances, or if you have addictions to mind altering substances.

Kathy Best – Intuitive Living Expert, Nutrition Specialist, and Life Coach

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