Life is Full of Opportunities to Grow

by: Kathy Best – Intuitive Living Expert, CRRC, CRM, CNTS, PSDC

Life is always giving us opportunities to practice what we preach, grow, expand, and make conscious choices to do and react differently. It’s a lifelong process, but it’s one that can get easier the more effort and intention we put into it.

This week has been filled with inconveniences, distractions, frustrations, and interruptions. I was working diligently to get some videos done for the The WellNest Metabolic Wellness Program and it seemed that every time I started to record something would happen – someone’s cell phone would ring, the land line, which rarely rings received a call, there was a FB scam issue and possible identity theft issue for my husband that he needed help with, my cat who usually sleeps all day gets up fussing because I’m disturbing her sleep (she sleeps in my office), the camera on my phone stops recording me at 4:58 and no matter what settings I adjust it continues to cut me off at 4:58. I checked the memory and every setting I could think of. So I got out my old phone and tried to record on it. It has less than 10gb of storage, but I was able to record a 12 minute video on it, unfortunately the sound didn’t work. I tried on 12 different occasions to record videos and each time something would intervene.

My cat has been getting me up at all hours of the night for food and water, so I’ve been sleep deprived all week, (actually I’ve been sleep deprived for about 10 years, but that’s another story).

Yesterday I got up early to do my angel reading before I went to the Vagina Conference meeting and The WellNest provider meeting. (If you haven’t heard about the Vagina Conference coming up in October at the WellNest you should really check out the Facebook page It’s going to be a holistic event all about women’s physical and emotional health and wellness.)

So I got up at 7am, meditated, showered, watered and fed my cat, made a smoothie, put on my face, typed up the angel message, but didn’t have time to set it on a pretty background or post it to FB, LinkedIn, etc. I got my tables together for the Healing expo at the Wellnest this Saturday ( some water and snacks. I was leaving early so I could stop by the store and pick up a cake to celebrate two birthdays since they would be at the meeting. I loaded up the car took off down my road and low and behold there was construction going on. That is an extremely rare occurrence on my rural road. So I stopped for the guy holding the sign for a few minutes, feeling okay because I had plenty of time and gratefully waved as he ushered me down the road.

I’m driving through town and all of a sudden I notice the check engine light and the tire pressure warning on the car are lit up. I pull over in a parking lot, because we just had the car repaired two weeks ago for an issue where the battery kept failing and none of the dash buttons worked. I didn’t want to have the battery die on me downtown or have to drive with the heat blazing like it had the last time this happened. I pulled out my tire inflator and checked all of the tires. They were all fine, so I called my husband and told him what was going on. I also noticed I could not turn the radio off -another symptom we had last time.

He told me to bring it back, so I turned around and went back home. Had to stop at the end of my street again for construction. My husband was using my car to transport a dehumidifier to his daughter so I had to borrow my mother’s car. Transferred my tables and other stuff to her car, forgot my notebook and the fresh tomatoes I was taking too. Took off and had to sit at the bottom of my road again for construction. I thought I was going to be late by now, so I decided not to stop at the store. I hated not to bring something for these lovely ladies, but I didn’t want to be late for the meetings and it’s sometimes difficult to find parking downtown.

I actually made it with time to spare, found a great space near the building and lugged my table upstairs, talked to Valarie Angle-the WellNest founder, for a few minutes, went back to get my water and headed upstairs for the first meeting. I was exhausted and couldn’t really focus well, my mind was so scattered and I kept forgetting things, but I was showing up the best I could in that moment.

My point is that I could have gotten very upset, angry, or even depressed about all of the little things that had prevented me from doing the things I wanted to do, but instead I decided to simply accept them as opportunities to take a different perspective and approach to life’s bumps. I let go of my need to control everything and decided to be understanding and flexible with my self and my time.

Very often the things that prevent us from doing something are actually self-created blocks when our heart isn’t really invested in something. I wasn’t feeling very capable of communicating on video this week and I was torn about whether to bring a cake to the meetings, because I didn’t want to be the person that makes everyone feel guilty for eating cake and I didn’t want to bring something that the birthday girls didn’t like or couldn’t eat so in both instances the energy of my emotional resistance created circumstances that prevented me from doing the things I felt like I needed to do, but wasn’t invested in completely.

If I had made conscious, definitive decisions about those things I might not have had such difficult experiences. When we use our energy and intention with conflicting emotions or unconsciously we give the Universe leeway to make it happen in whatever way works. The Universe doesn’t judge it just does what is asked and usually refers to our previous thoughts, emotions, and intentions to bring about something familiar. So if you’re used to having challenges, struggles, and difficulties you can expect more of the same as long as that’s what you accept as your pattern. We have so much more power and control over our experiences than we understand and even someone as intuitive as I am still has days where old patterns resurface, so I can master them and choose to create new, more positive ones.

Angel Communicator & Card Reader, Intuitive Life Coach

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