Becoming a Force for Good

written by: Penny Best – Certified Life Coach, Author, Angel Card Reader, Numerologist

What if you woke up one morning and everywhere you looked the people around you were filled with Light?  Almost everyone you saw was glowing with light of different colors.  A few seemed to have clouds or smog dimming their light, but it was still there waiting to shine.  You begin to recognize that the colors relate to the main characteristics of each person….sunny yellow, a mainly happy outgoing person; bright green, a healer, a person who loves nature; pink, a gentle loving person; blue, a thinker, a practical individual; purple, a person who seeks to understand the spirit. 

What about the clouds and smog?  You quickly recognize that those individuals are battling Fear, Stress, Anxiety, Poor Health, and a few seem to be infected with something darker that has pushed their light down to a small spark. It occurs to you that most of these people just need a little help, a reminder, a smile, connection, so their light can shine more brightly. A few others may need something that’s not in your power to give, but a greater power cares for them.

As you continue to observe you realize that those inner lights are not different for people of different ethnicities, or genders, or social status. The light in each one makes all those surface differences unimportant. You begin to feel a growing sense of community and connection with people. You feel lighter. You are smiling at strangers and they are smiling back.

As you go about your day you notice the people around you are more pleasant, more thoughtful. The drivers on the road seem more courteous.  People you interact with at work, while shopping, on the streets, seem less hurried, more gracious.  Something wonderful is happening.

Now hold on to this image. This is the power of the change that is unfolding. Every person who accepts the possibility adds to the momentum. Every person who intends to Be a Light adds to the momentum.  The unconsciousness of a few will not stop what has begun. Even the darkness of some who are caught in Ego dramas will not stop this. We are awakening from the spell of separateness and our “only humanness”.   Are you ready to shine your Light?  Are you ready to claim your power to be a force for Good? Return to this image daily or more often. See the lights grow bigger, brighter. Feel excitement and joyful anticipation.  Imagine our world based on Courtesy, Compassion, Equality, Earth Stewardship, Forgiveness, Integrity, Inner Vision, and Generosity. Know in your heart that every time you engage in this vision you are making it more real in your outer world.

Penny Prentice Best is a former Childhood Education Director, a Spiritual Counselor, Certified Life Coach, Numerologist, environmental activist, Certified Angel Card Reader, jewelry designer, author and lecturer with over 45 years of knowledge, wisdom, and experience in child education, conscious communication, intuitive counseling, numerology, life coaching, quantum science, expanding human consciousness, and environmental awareness. She is an inspiration and a way-shower to all who know her and has touched thousands of lives with her kindness, compassion, wisdom, and counsel. You can connect with her on LinkedIn or Facebook.

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