When Life Changes We can Change with it or Suffer in Stubornness

written by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert, Certified Nutrition Specialist, and Holistic Life Coach

April 21, 2021

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on my blog due to the seasons of change that come and go throughout life. I’ve found something else that calls to my mind and heart which I want to invest my time and attention into. It demands more than I can give if I am continuing to keep up this site, post on social media, develop my coaching business, run classes, and do all of the other responsibilities that call to me each and every day. So I have decided to take some time off from this aspect of myself and focus wholeheartedly on the other. It’s something I feel is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with a Holistic doctor and a heart-centered company who are going to revolutionize the way small businesses compete with corporations, level the playing field, and take the consumer power back from the surveillance capitalists that have been hoarding the wealth and sacrificing their integrity in the name of power and control.


Part of me wants to just continue trying to force something different to manifest from this non-existent coaching business I put my heart and soul into for four years. Another part of me is tired of the lack of ROI and ready for a new opportunity that allows me to use other skills and talents working in a group environment toward a common mission. I could grind my heals into my stubborn ways and keep pushing myself up a cactus covered mountain or I can soar on the currents of change like an eagle with confidence and grace. What I know to be true is that our future is always changing and just because I am choosing to step away from this for now does not mean I can never come back to it. I can do whatever I put my mind, heart, attention, and intention into and it will grow as much or as little as I decide with my attitude and my gratitude.


I am excited to be a small part of a big group of independent thinkers and conscious, awakened beings who are setting out to redefine health, wellness, business success, ethics, integrity, equality, generosity, and evolution. Time will tell how this unfolds and what my contributions will be, but I am looking forward to the journey regardless. I know in my heart that this endeavor is going to shake the draconian foundations of society and usher in a new, kinder, collaborative, honest, transparent, generous, world where everyone has a valuable contribution to make and we all share in supporting, encouraging and bringing to fruition the unique gifts, talents, and skills of each individual for the good of all life and Mother Earth.


I have also decided to change the purpose of this website. I am being guided to dedicate it to other leaders in higher consciousness, awakening humanity, divine channels, esoteric wisdom keepers, and beings of light and love that offer their gifts freely to any who are willing to listen and see. So expect a big transformation to occur over the next few months as I refocus this site on those who have been serving humanity for decades with heart-centered generosity and soulful inspiration. I can tell you that a few of the people you will find links to will be Lee Carroll, Patricia Cota-Robles, Maureen Moss, and Prageet Harris. I have been following these people for years, some for decades and have found their wisdom, guidance, support, and service to be of the highest integrity and greatest value to humanity.


I have no idea what my future holds for me, but I do know that I have the power to decide if it is the highest good or damning destruction. I choose each and every moment with my thoughts, feelings, words, and deeds. Scientific studies are just beginning to acknowledge that a single person choosing to be in a state of gratitude, love, appreciation, or compassion has the power to cancel out the destructive force of 75,000 other people who resonate in a state of anger, fear, depression, shame, or blame. Next time you say you are only one person and you do not have the power to affect change, remember that it only took one atom to create the atomic bomb and your body is made up of trillions of atoms, vibrating at whatever frequency you choose to maintain in your body, mind, and field.


If you only knew the magnificent power and potential you hold within you would never fear anything again. If you only knew the unlimited power and potential you hold within you would never suffer illness again. If you only knew the infinite creative power and potential you hold within you would never let any obstacle stand in your way again. If you only knew the glorious power and potential you hold within you would never know envy, hatred, resentment, or greed again. If you only knew the true power and potential you hold within you would weep with joy, embrace all life as your own, and live each day to the fullest without worry, regret, or shame. If you only knew the innate power and potential you hold within you would know that you are One WITH ALL THAT IS, that whatever you do to another you also do to yourself and the only limit to the expression of your perfection is your imagination.


with deepest gratitude and love,

Kathy Best

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