Archangel Zadkiel – Mind Strength, Healing Painful Memories, Forgiveness

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Written by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert, Angel Communicator, Relationship Coach

October 6, 2020

Archangel Zadkiel is known as the archangel of forgiveness and mercy in Jewish literature from the Talmudic era. He is also known as Sachiel, Zedekiel, Zadakiel, Tzadkiel, Zachariel, Hesediel, and Zedekul. The name Zadkiel means “righteousness of God.” According to Kabbalistic writings, Zadkiel presides over the fourth Sephirot of the Tree of Life, Chesed, which relates to practicing charity, kindness, and love as an expression of God on Earth. Some texts claim Zadkiel is the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. The Gnostic tradition recognizes Zadkiel as one of seven key archangels.

Archangel Zadkiel is regarded as the “angel of memory,” who helps students or anyone needing to remember important information. You can call on Zadkiel to help you remember facts, figures, dates, names, where you left your car keys, or if you just want to strengthen your memory in general. If you need to recall important points for a business meeting or presentation you can call on Zadkiel. Teach your children about Archangel Zadkiel who can help them ace exams or pop quizzes. If you have a hard time remember names of people you just met, ask Zadkiel for assistance. He can also help you keep an open mind if you are prone to narrowmindedness or feeling like you know everything you need to know about a certain subject or life in general. No request is to big or small for this benevolent archangel. Zadkiel’s aura is indigo blue and the stone associated with his energy is lapis lazuli. Archangel Zadkiel can also help you remember your divine origins and who you truly are. You could say, “Dear Archangel Zadkiel, please help me remember and recall everything I need to know about this topic I am studying.”

Archangel Zadkiel image from Kyle Gray Angel Prayers oracle card deck

One of Zadkiel’s specialties is helping people become more compassionate, kind, and forgiving. If you are experiencing a difficult situation that has you feeling depressed, anxious, or fearful, Archangel Zadkiel can help you shift your mental state to something more positive and uplifting. If you spend too much time reliving painful memories or imagining worst case scenarios ask Zadkiel to step in. The Law of Attraction states that whatever you focus your attention and emotion on expands and attracts people, things, and experiences that reflect the same. In other words you get what you’re constantly thinking and emoting about. Zadkiel can help you let go of judgement toward yourself and others by reminding you that everyone on this Earth has something of value to offer and share, including you. Each being has a unique genius and self-expression that should be valued and appreciated instead of judged. Differences in perspectives, experiences and physical characteristics should be celebrated and shared as opportunities to learn and grow. Call on Zadkiel when you need to heal from past emotional pain. He can help you process old anger, resentment, or feelings of victimhood and help you remember and express your divinity. Archangel Zadkiel can also help you shift your focus away from painful memories and toward the happier moments in your life. You could say, “Archangel Zadkiel please help me heal my mind and heart. Help me fully release any anger, judgement, or unforgiveness I may be holding on to, so that I can see and experience joy and laughter again. Fill me with peace, mercy, compassion, kindness, wisdom, and acceptance. I fully surrender any situation that I feel anxious, upset, or fearful about to you and trust that your God given power transmutes it into divine grace and harmony. Thank you!”

Archangel Zadkiel is a powerful healer of the mind. He gently guides you to take responsibility for your own happiness and success. Be aware of the many ways archangels can offer you guidance and counsel. It usually occurs in ways that are comfortable for each individual. If you love to read, don’t be surprised if you get a nudge or a thought to look up a certain book and buy it or check it out from your local library. If you’re a social butterfly it should come as no surprise that people around you make comments that resonate with a current situation or request for angelic assistance. Likewise, if you love music, be conscious of songs or lyrics that come to your attention shortly after you ask for divine guidance. The timeline for help can be minutes, hours, days, or weeks depending n the situation and your receptivity to signs and signals. Angels have no real sense of linear time as that is a physical perception and in truth everything is occurring simultaneously, but they do understand that life threatening situations require immediate action, so be open to the impossible and unimaginable in your most desperate time of need.

Kathy Best left a 16 year career in accounting to pursue her passion in wellness and spiritual development. She is an intuitive living expert, certified holistic nutrition & wellness specialist, angel communicator, writer, and relationship facilitator with over 17 years of research, study, and experience. She has overcome numerous addictions, healed multiple illnesses, met and married the man of her dreams, and continues to create a life of magic and miracles using her approach to wellness and living. She combines her 17 years of knowledge and skill in nutritional therapy, spiritual development, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, intuitive and angelic guidance into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance, develop their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the happy, vibrant. fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be.

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