Archangel Jophiel – Beautifying Your Mind, Body, & Environment

Image of Archangel Jophiel from Kyle Gray’s Angel Prayers oracle deck

Written by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert, Angel Communicator, Certified Nutrition Consultant

September 13, 2020

This week I’m sharing everything you need to know about Archangel Jophiel. This archangel is also known as Iofiel, Iophiel, Zaphiel, Zophiel, and Dina. The name Jophiel means “beauty of God.” Jophiel is named as one of the seven principal archangels by the 5th century Christian theologian, Pseudo-Dionysius, in his influential work on angel hierarchy, Corpus Areopagiticum. According to the 6th and 7th books of Moses, Jophiel is said to be Shem’s representative. In his book, ‘Angles in Art,’ C.E. Clement also names Jophiel as a teacher to Shem, Ham, and Japheth. In Jewish apocryphal writings Jophiel, known as Dina, is an angel of the 7th heaven and a Kabbalistic guardian of the Torah. In the Zohar she is described as a great angel chief. Anglican and Episcopal traditions recognize archangel Jophiel and often depict her holding a flaming sword.

Saint Jophiel the Archangel, stained glass made in 1862 at St Michael and All Angels Church, Brighton, East Sussex, England.

As with all angels there is no specific gender, so Jophiel has been referred to and depicted as both male and female. I have always felt the presence of Jophiel as feminine, so I choose to see a female form and features. Angels tend to make their presence reflect what is most comfortable and acceptable to each individual, so don’t be concerned if your experience differs. Jophiel’s aura is a hot pink, fuscia color and the stones associated with her energy are rubellite and pink tourmaline. Some angel communicators say they see a yellow light when Jophiel is near. This may be due to preconceived notions or information studied prior to working with her. Whatever the case, always clear and purify yourself and your space when you aren’t in an emergency situation. *Use your intuition, energy body, instincts, common sense, and highest intention to ascertain that you are working with the archangel you called upon and not an imposter. In the case of emergency guidance or intervention, a heartfelt affirmation or prayer is your best tool.

Archangel Jophiel image from Radleigh Valentine’s Archangel Power Tarot oracle card deck

One of Archangel Jophiel’s specialties is bringing beauty to all aspects of life. She can help you replace negative, unhealthy thoughts and beliefs with positive ones relating to your self-image, relationships, and circumstances. She can help you fill your heart with gratitude, joy, and kindness. Archangel Jophiel can inspire you to clear clutter and beautify your home and work space. She can also guide you in every aspect of personal care. You can call on Jophiel to help you quickly shift from a negative attitude to a positive one. Jophiel can help you find the best clothes, hairstyle, makeup, and personal care products to fit your budget and needs. She can also give you insights and motivation to clean up your diet and develop healthier eating habits. You could say, “Dear Archangel Jophiel, please help me beautify my mental and physical environment.”

When you invite Archangel Jophiel into your life don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel compelled to donate or sell unwanted or unnecessary belongings. Jophiel understands how much a cluttered, disorganized environment affects energy levels, sleep, mood, and even health so she will gently but persistently send you signs and messages to get organized and let go of things that no longer support your highest good. She can even give you signals as to what colors work best with your personal energy so you can stay in a higher vibrational state. She can spark your desire to redecorate and inspire you to develop a new style that resonates with the joy and enthusiasm you want to experience in life.

Image of Archangel Jophiel from Pinterest, artist unknown

Archangel Jophiel can help you see through the illusions of your thoughts and illuminate the true beauty of your Holy Spirit and divine soul. She can help you see the inner beauty in the people push your buttons. You can call on Jophiel to help you see and understand the beauty and purpose behind your greatest suffering. You could say, “Dear Archangel Jophiel, please help me to see and understand the purpose and beauty in my current situation.” She can help you recognize and appreciate the beautiful tapestry of life and how interwoven and interconnected we all are to one another, the planet, and everything on it. Jophiel can help you deepen and strengthen the love and richness in your relationships. She can help you look and feel beautiful, confident, vibrant, and enthusiastic about life again. Call on Archangel Jophiel when you need help balancing your personal and work life. She can also help you resolve disagreements with loved ones. She can motivate you to clean and declutter your home or workspace and help you increase the flow of abundance in your life. She is the archangel to call on to help you see the beauty in all life and feel the joy that comes from expressing your true nature of gratitude, joy, and love.

Archangel Jophiel image from Radleigh Valentine’s Angel Tarot deck

*You do want to make sure that you’re connecting to an archangel, and not some other lower vibrational being, so always cleanse and purify your mental and physical environment before you work with or seek guidance from angels. You can do this in many ways.

  1. Center your mind and emotions by focusing your attention on your heart space and visualizing something or someone that brings you feelings of joy, peace, kindness, compassion, or gratitude. Set the intention to clear, purify and consecrate your environment and space. Intention and emotional resonance are the two most important aspects of any sacred, divine, or spiritual work. Hold these feelings and emotions in your heart center and magnify them until you feel them overflowing into every area of your body and mind. Continue to focus on these positive emotions as you complete the cleansing and clearing of your environment.
  2. If you have a Tibetan singing bowl or brass bell you can set your intention to cleanse and clear your environment of all negative, low, or unbeneficial energies, frequencies, and vibrations. Call in Archangels Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Chamuel, Ariel, and Jophiel to clear and transmute anything not of the highest vibration for the highest good of all concerned.  Stand in the center of the room and begin ringing or tapping your bell or bowl progressively louder as you turn counterclockwise in a complete circle. If you are in your home it is best to go ahead and clear all of the rooms, including closets. You can simply open the closet door and ring your bell or bowl in the closet space. If you’re using a bowl let the bowl continue to sing and do not move from the room or space until the bowl has fallen silent on its own.
  3. You can also use sage, sweet grass, palo santo, frankincense, or myrrh. The first two come in slow burning bundles which can be lit, using the smoke you can walk through each room fanning the smoke in every corner and closet, calling on the archangels, ascended masters or whomever else you feel connected to. Frankincense and myrrh will either be in resin form or incense. The idea is the same. Make sure you have a fireproof container to carry the lit item in, like a glass or ceramic bowl with sea salt in the bottom, an abalone shell, or an incense burner, and practice fire safety protocol. (* Sage, sweet grass, and palo santo have become extremely popular and many harvesters and suppliers are not using ethical or sustainable practices, so make sure you investigate your supplier before you buy.)
  4. If you want something a little simpler you can purchase or make a room spray using essential oils, cheap vodka, rubbing alcohol, or witch hazel, and distilled or purified water. For additional power you can add small healing or protective crystals to the mix. Lavender, frankincense, lemon, rosemary, cypress, and lemongrass are all good options. I use a smokeless smudge spray, that I absolutely love, which was gifted to me by a dear friend. I use it in most of my clearing practices and it works wonderfully.
  5. You can also use crystals and stones to protect and cleanse your environment, just remember that your crystals and stones require regular clearing and purifying as well. Amethyst, citrine, clear quartz, selenite, apophyllite, smokey quartz, black tourmaline, and ametrine are all excellent for clearing and purifying people and spaces. Putting them in a glass or ceramic dish or bowl with pink Himalayan sea salt overnight, or indefinitely, can keep them clear and charged. You can also set them out in sunlight or moonlight for several hours or run water over them for a few minutes to clear and cleanse them. Your intention is what’s most important.
  6. The final and easiest way to cleanse and purify a space is to simply use your intention and affirm that it is so. A few years ago this would not have been so easily done, but the energy of the planet has now shifted to the extent that humanity is more easily able to manifest what they focus their intention and attention on. We have shifted up the dimensional ladder enough that our ability to materialize what we deeply desire is become easier and faster. I would not recommend this to a beginner or anyone that does not have a strong foundation and plenty of experience in spiritual or healing work. This requires the ability to stay in a high vibrational state or raise your frequency rapidly and confidently. Intention is the most important part, but if you are in an unbalanced emotional state, lack faith or trust in yourself or your skills, or are in a space that has a long, negative history it’s better to follow a ritual, practice, or call in an experienced practitioner.


Kathy Best left a 16 year career in accounting to pursue her passion in nutrition, wellness, and spiritual development. She’s an intuitive living expert, certified holistic nutrition & wellness specialist, angel communicator, life coach, and relationship consultant with over 17 years of research, study, and experience. She’s overcome numerous addictions, healed multiple illnesses, met and married the man of her dreams, and continues to create a life of magic & miracles using her approach to wellness and living. She combines her 17 years of experience and knowledge in nutritional therapy, spiritual development, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, angelic guidance, and personal development coaching into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance so that they can develop their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the happy, vibrant, fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be.

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