Archangel Ariel – Environmental Life Purpose, Material Needs, Animal Welfare

By: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert August 9, 2020

artwork by Jim Reed

Following the amazing influx of divine energy during the August 8th Lion’s Gate I could think of no better archangel to share with you than Ariel, whose name means “lion of God.” Archangel Ariel is named primarily in apocryphal, Coptic, and Judeo-Christian mysticism. Also known as Arael and Arieael, this archangel is the overseer of nature. Ariel was immortalized as the spirit of nature by Shakespeare, when he portrayed this archangel as a tree sprite in The Tempest.

The word Ariel occurs in the Hebrew Bible at Isaiah 29:1, 29:2, and 29:7, but refers to Jerusalem and not the archangel.

According to St. Thomas Aquinas, the angels were divided into groups sometimes referred to as “choirs.” The choirs of angels include the seraphim, cherubim, virtues, and many other groups. Ariel is believed to be the leader of the virtues, the group of angels who govern the order of the universe, inspire people on Earth to create great works, and deliver miracles from God to humanity.

As with all archangels, Ariel has been depicted in male and female form. Ultimately, gender is unimportant as all angels are without a physical form and genderless. I’ve always resonated with the feminine energy this archangel vibrates, so I refer to Ariel as female.

One of Ariel’s specialties is environmental life purpose support. She is deeply involved in environmentalism, so if you feel called to work in any protective field like, oceanography, climate control, pollution, conservation, animal welfare or protection, or environmental science Ariel can help you. You could say, “Dear Archangel Ariel, please guide me toward the best way for me to protect the planet.”

Part of Ariel’s mission is to ensure the decent treatment of people and animals. Ariel works to ensure there’s enough clean water, healthy food, appropriate shelter, and other material necessities for all of the Earth’s inhabitants to thrive. Call on her if you need help meeting your material needs. You could say, “Archangel Ariel, please help me to provide the necessities, supplies, and support my family needs to live happy, healthy lives. Thank you!”

You can also call on Ariel when you want help interacting with nature safely and comfortably. She’s excellent to work with when you’re out hiking or camping. This archangel can also help you connect to the nonphysical beings of nature if you ask for her assistance. She can help you communicate with the elementals of the air, earth, and water. You could say, “Thank you Archangel Ariel for guiding me to safely and respectfully interact with nature.”

Ariel is also a healing angel, who oversees the protection and healing of animals and nature. She works closely with Archangel Raphael when it comes to healing animals, domestic and wild. Ariel is a fierce protector of the natural world, working lovingly to help ensure the health of our planet and all of the important beings that reside here. No insect or animal is outside her realm of ability or guardianship.

Archangel Ariel’s aura is a pale pink and the stone associated with her energy is rose quartz.

Call upon Archangel Ariel if you’re feeling stagnant and need a breath fresh air, if you’d like help creating a beautiful garden, if you need your youthful spark back, for help getting started on a project, when you are feeling unmotivated, when you need to forgive and move on, if you need help manifesting something, if you want to adopt a pet, if you need help cutting back the time you spend on your electronics, if you’re running behind schedule or in a hurry, to help break through fear to live more fully, to get back into exercising regularly, staying on track and on task, connecting with your pets or helping wild animals, career guidance in environmentalism, creating financial abundance, for inspiration and courage, if you’re feeling uncertain or lacking confidence she can help you get in touch with your own inner strength.

Next week I’ll be discussing another of my favorite Archangels, Uriel.

Kathy Best left a 16 year career in accounting to pursue her passion in nutrition, wellness, and spiritual development. She’s an intuitive living expert, certified holistic nutrition & wellness specialist, angel communicator, and relationship consultant with over 15 years of research, study, and experience. She’s overcome numerous addictions, healed multiple illnesses, met and married the man of her dreams, and continues to create a life of magic & miracles using her approach to wellness and living.

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    Hello and thank you for this blog is a true inspiration.. Karia Frederico Welker

    • Thank you Karia. I am so happy you found something of value to you.

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