Archangel Raphael – Healing, Guidance, Safe Travel, Hope, & Comfort

written by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Expert & Angel Communicator

July 16, 2020

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In week two of my archangel series I am discussing another well-known archangel, especially for those in healing arts – Archangel Raphael. The meaning of Raphael is “God heals.” Although Raphael’s name isn’t mentioned in the bible, some theologians believe Raphael was the archangel who healed the sick at the Bethesda pond illustrated in the Gospels. Some theologians also think he was one of three angels who visited Sarah and Abraham to help them conceive, that Raphael was the angel who healed Abraham’s grandson Jacob of his wrestling injuries, and also the angel who gave the magical ring to King Solomon.

Raphael is the patron saint of travelers, physicians, and matchmakers in Catholicism. His name appears in the Book of Tobit, otherwise known as the Book of Tobias, which was lost and rediscovered in 1952 as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Raphael is also named in the Book of Enoch, another Dead Sea Scroll, where he is described as “one of the holy angels, who is over the spirits of men.” In the Book of Enoch, God directs Raphael to heal the earth, help all of the children, and save the world from corruption.

Raphael is known as Israfel in Islamic scripture and is said to be the archangel charged with blowing a large horn twice to signal Judgement Day.

Archangel Raphael delivers God’s healing light to the physical realm. His aura and healing energy glows a soothing emerald green. He can heal people, animals, and the earth itself. He can restore people and pets to their original divine blueprint of perfection. Raphael can only heal those who ask and willingly receive his healing energy. Raphael knows that in the eternal Spiritual sense everyone is, and always will be, healthy. More often it’s our thoughts, beliefs, and chronic emotional state that causes our illness or disease. A drastic change in these states is what is needed and can return us to wellness. Raphael can also heal mental and emotional dis-ease with your request and permission. You could say, “Archangel Raphael, thank you for healing me instantly and completely.”

picture from Pinterest – artist unknown

There is always a reason behind every illness and a spiritual answer for every problem. Raphael can help guide you to the person, place, process, or procedure that can illuminate the path to recovery for your personal situation. Sometimes your treatment needs to come from a healthcare provider or other healing practitioner in order to serve your highest good and spiritual growth. No matter how or when your healing will occur, Archangel Raphael can assist you in all aspects of your experience as long as you give your permission.

Some souls have a divine contract or purpose for remaining ill or leaving physical form through a terminal illness. In those cases Raphael cannot go against the will of Spirit or the soul, but he can help ease suffering and provide comfort in times of fear or anguish.

Raphael can help lessen or eliminate pain. You could say, “Dear Archangel Raphael, thank you for helping me feel comfortable in my body and mind.” Raphael can also guide you to the right person who can help you with your condition or situation. You could say, “Archangel Raphael, please direct me to the best person who can cure my condition or problem and help me get an immediate appointment. Thank you!”

Archangel Raphael is the patron saint of travelers. You can call on him before or during a trip, vacation, or unexpected emergency to help you and your loved ones stay safe, well, and arrive at your destination smoothly and on time. Call on Raphael to help you make the best travel plans, find the most smooth, comfortable, enjoyable flights, auto rentals, accommodations, the most helpful, cooperative, considerate customer service, and make sure your luggage arrives with you. He can help keep you well prior to and during a trip, or help you recover quickly from an unexpected illness during your travels. You could say, “Archangel Raphael, please keep me and my travel companions in good health before and during our trip, accompany us during our trip so that we stay safe and arrive on time.”

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Archangel Raphael is the perfect archangel to call on if you are a healer or feel called to work in any form of healing arts or tradition. Raphael can help you choose which healing profession would be most fulfilling for you and what branch or area you would naturally excel in. If you request Raphael’s guidance or assistance, he can also help you choose the best school for your healing education and acquire the time and finances to complete it. After you’ve completed your training, Raphael can help you procure a career in your area of expertise and help you attract your ideal or divine right clients too. Keep in mind that you always have free will, so Raphael will never force you to do anything and can only be of aid if you ask for help or give your mental or verbal permission. You could say, “Archangel Raphael, thank you so much for guiding me to the perfect healing career for my natural abilities, helping me attain the financial resources to pay for my training and assisting me in attracting the perfect clients for my beneficial services.”

As you practice and hone your healing skills and abilities, call upon Archangel Raphael to guide your thoughts, communication, and actions so that you can be of be highest service to those you care for and treat.

Raphael is also willing and able to work his healing on behalf of someone else. Because angels cannot infringe on any person’s free will they can only provide aid if the higher self of the individual is consenting. In cases where the person doesn’t want assistance the angels will still stay close by because you asked them to. This on its own will have very beneficial results. You could say something like this, “Dear Archangel Raphael, please help (full name) recover from this illness and live a happy, healthy life.”

Archangel Raphael often works with Archangel Michael to transmute chronic fear, anxiety, anger, unforgiveness, and stress as these are often the root cause of illness and disease. Raphael also works with Archangel Ariel whose is the angel of the earth’s natural resources and oversees the care of people and animals.

As you work with Archangel Raphael you will begin to recognize the ways in which he communicates and guides you. Many people experience a gentle buzzing or see a beautiful emerald green light as Raphael is performing healing on or around them. If you need physical objects to help you connect to the archangels you can use the stones malachite or emerald to tap into Archangel Raphael’s healing energy. Always cleanse and clear your stones and crystals before and after use as many tend to pick up vibrations from the people and environments around them.

Often, angels use what feels most comfortable and safe to the individual. If you love to read, don’t be surprised if you find titles of books you’ve never heard of or have not read jumping out at you on internet searches, at libraries, or at book stores. You may randomly open a book and read a passage that perfectly answers a question or dilemma you were facing. If you love watching movies, you may get guidance through movies or shows you watch on TV or online. If you spend a lot of time with friends or family members, they may say exactly what you need to hear, out of the blue. If you practice opening yourself up to all avenues of communication you will begin to get intuitive impressions and ideas, visions, feelings, or even hear the loving voice of Raphael delivering God’s healing wisdom to you.

Kathy Best is an Intuitive Living expert, who combines her 17 years of experience and knowledge in nutritional therapy, spiritual development, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, compassionate communication, angelic guidance, emotional healing, and personal development coaching into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance so that they can claim their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the glorious, happy, vibrant, fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be.

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