Archangel Michael- Protection, Purpose, Confidence, and Courage

Written by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living & Relationship Expert

July 12, 2020

Archangel Michael depiction copied from Pinterest

Archangel Michael is probably the most well-known Archangel of all. Ancient and modern artwork of Archangel Michael portray him as a muscular athletic Archangel. Although archangels do not have a specific gender, they are identified with masculine or feminine energies simply to make them more relatable in the physical world.

His name means, “He who is like God.” Michael is featured in the Bible and other sacred texts and most images of this Archangel show him with his sword in hand, poised over a restrained demon. These images represent Archangel Michael’s primary purposes – slaying the human ego and fear. Michael’s sword is actually made of light, not metal, and he uses it to detach us from pain, suffering, fear, and un-beneficial memories, people, experiences, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and past life karma.

Michael is the defender of all that is pure. He is the essence of valor and strength and intervenes, when called upon, to save lives and protect our physical bodies, loved ones, belongings, vehicles, and reputations. The Catholic tradition reveres Michael, because of his miraculous interventions, and has named him the patron saint of police officers and rescue workers. Archangel Michael is also a patron saint of the ailing and is often invoked along with Christ, Archangel Rafael, St. Germaine, and other saints associated with healing.

Archangel Michael depiction copied from Pinterest

You can call upon Archangel Michael for protection in any circumstance. Michael is often invoked prior to travel. You can ask him to protect yourself or someone else who’s traveling, to watch over your home or property, and your vehicle or someone else’s vehicle. The most effective way to communicate with any of the archangels is through gratitude.

You can say something like, “Dear Archangel Michael thank you for protecting me, my family, my friends, coworkers, our vehicles, and every one commuting or traveling today,” or “Thank you Archangel Michael for watching over me and my loved ones, our homes, vehicles, and belongings,” or “Archangel Michael please protect and guard me while I’m in this unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people. Thank you,” or “Archangel Michael please protect my child while they are away from home. Thank you,” or “Archangel Michael please guard my home and my possessions and help me to feel safe and secure. Thank you.”

Angels protect our belongings and possessions to help us maintain peace of mind. Archangel Michael and all of the angels know that we stress about our personal and material security. They are always happy to guard these things for us. Angels are limited beings who are omnipresent, so protecting our material possessions doesn’t take them away mission or matters.

Archangel Michael depiction copied from Pinterest

Archangel Michael is the sovereign protector of humanity who guards are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies against negative, fearful, hostile, or unhealthy energies. Michael shield you from all lower energies if you ask for his protection. He can guide you away from harm but you have to ask for his help and you must listen to the intuitive guidance that warns you about negative or harmful situations, people, and places. If you get a gut feeling that something is wrong, if you hear little warning bells going off in your mind, or you get an image of red flags that’s God and Archangel Michael warning you. If you get into a situation like that and you don’t know how to get out you can ask Michael to guide you.

Archangel Michael can also help sensitive children with extra courage, confidence, comfort, or to sleep better. It’s a wonderful idea to teach young children to call upon her guardian angels or the archangels when they need assistance or guidance.

Michael can also help us clear our own personal energy and the energy in any object or space. If you are feeling not yourself, depressed, angry, frustrated, or up and down and you can’t understand why, it’s a good idea to go ahead and invoke archangel Michael to cut cords to and clear you of any needy, disruptive, negative, or low entities, energies, and frequencies that you may have picked up, unaware, during your daily interactions and activities.

If you live in a home that has had multiple owners or is very old there is a tendency for residual energies and trapped entities to affect your sleep and even your physical and emotional well-being. It’s always a good idea to clear your home at least every season and right before you move out of your home or move into a new home. You can seek out and angel counselor, space clearing practitioner, or try working direct with Archangel Michael to clear your home or space. The two most important things to remember when working with Archangel’s independently is your emotional state and your intention.

Archangel Michael depiction copied from Pinterest

Michael can also protect you or clear you from a “psychic attack” from someone who is angry or jealous of you. Typically the person sending you the negative, dark emotions has no idea of the force or power they are welding. If you have sudden sharp pains could be assigned of psychic attack. It can be caused by someone else for your own self. Beware of your own negative self-talk, thoughts, and emotions as these are powerful creative energies that can cause physical harm. Archangel Michael can clear away the negative energy and impact of assaults that have already reached you and shield you from future attack. If you are highly sensitive you may tend to pick up other people’s emotions and energy like a sponge. If you find yourself with mood and energy swings that seem to have no apparent cause you may need to practice shielding yourself before you spend time with others and clearing your energy field at the end of each day to balance and stabilize yourself.

Ask Archangel Michael to clear and balance you inside and out. When you feel clear and calm ask Michael to shield you as you go about your day and protect you from other people’s negativity and drama. Then visualize a purple and golden bubble enveloping your entire body and extending out about three feet in every direction. Affirm that this bubble of protection is impenetrable and impervious to all negative, low, unbalanced, unbeneficial, and harmful energies, vibrations, frequencies, and entities. Always ask Michael to shield you before you enter any discordant situation.

Call on Archangel Michael if your career or reputation need protection. He can guide your communication and actions so that they reflect the highest integrity and personal and spiritual truth.

Archangel Michael is like a divine record keeper and manager who helps everyone recall the purpose of their life and lovingly oversees our Divine life missions. Call upon Michael if you need guidance as to your next steps or help to make important life changes. If you clarity about your life purpose or career you can ask Michael to send you a perfectly clear, understandable sign, thought, word, vision, or feeling. One of the easiest ways is to simply write down your questions on a piece of paper when you’re in a quiet place, then clear your mind and sit quietly until something comes to you. Write down any words, thoughts, feelings, or impressions that come to you even if you don’t understand them. You can also ask for Michael to give you guidance while you’re sleeping during your dreams. Just asking for something clear and understandable that chill remember when you wake up.

You could say, “Thank you, Archangel Michael, for giving me the courage and confidence to realize my Divine life purpose,” or “Dear Archangel Michael, please clarify what career I should pursue for my highest good and the highest good of all. Thank you,” or “Archangel Michael please send me a clear sign if I am on the right path for my life mission. Thank you.”

Archangel Michael depiction copied from Pinterest

With our increased level of technology we have all become accustomed to relying on our smart phones, computers, and other electronics to function in our daily lives. Is something malfunctions or breaks down it can cause a cascade of problems and create unnecessary stress. Another of Archangel Michael’s talents is reviving electronics and mechanical equipment, especially if doing so provides protection or aids our life purpose/mission. Michael can repair any electronic or mechanical item by giving you the guidance to fix it, leading you to the best repair person, or fixing it himself.

Archangels will provide you with signs of their presence or their guidance if you ask specifically for them. Every archangel radiates an energy field, or halo, that appears as specific colors to visually sensitive and clairvoyant people. Archangel Michael emanates, royal purple, royal blue, and golden light. Seeing flashes of these colors in your peripheral vision is one sign that Michael is near. If you suddenly become attracted to these colors that is another sign that Michael is near or trying to connect with you. You can also use the stone sugalite to connect with Michael, just make sure you clear and cleanse the stone prior to use and ask Michael to protect the stone from any outside forces or vibrations that could affect the potency and purity of the stone’s connection to Michael. It’s a good idea to regulary cleanse and clear all of your crystals and stones to keep them at the highest vibrational frequency and potency.

Sometimes Archangels are drawn to take human form to assist us in our time of need. Other times they will send people with the same name or character traits to aid our progress or help us through challenges. Most often you will get inspiration, guidance, and confirmation through every day, common avenues, like songs on the radio, a phrase or statement you hear on television, a show with the same theme as your question or problem, license plates, billboards, feathers, coins, overheard conversations at your local store or restaurant, a friend or loved one calling or sharing something with you out of the blue, repetitive thoughts or ideas that pop into your mind unexpectedly, flashes of images in your mind that come out of nowhere or even a voice that you hear in your mind or externally when you are alone and relaxed.

Archangel Michael has a strong, tangible presence and the more you work with him the easier and clearer it will be to sense him and understand his guidance. You’ll find that he is an extremely dependable, kind advisor, guardian, and sacred being.

Stay tuned next Monday I will be talking about another archangel I work closely with, Raphael.

Kathy Best is an Intuitive Living expert, who combines her 17 years of experience and knowledge in nutritional therapy, spiritual development, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, compassionate communication, angelic guidance, emotional healing, and personal development coaching into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance so that they can claim their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the glorious, happy, vibrant, fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be.

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