Introduction to Archangels

By Kathy Best, Intuitive Living & Angel Communicator

Archangel Jophiel
Archangel Jophiel image from Pinterest

July 6, 2020

Almost everyone is familiar with a few archangels, at least by name, as they appear in almost every religious text known to man. But not many people know that Archangels are gifts from God sent to help mankind and the earth grow, evolve, and embrace the divinity within all life. Archangels are the emissaries and messengers of God always ready to offer guidance, support, assistance, and loving kindness to anyone and anything in need. In reality you can call on archangels at any moment for anything and they will gladly come to your aid. They are not limited by time and space and can be in multiple places and times at once. No need or desire is too big or too small for the archangels as they long to help you become the fullest potential of your divine birthright.

Every earnest desire you hold in your heart comes directly from God and is a message reminding you of your true nature and divinity longing to be expressed as your own unique genius. The archangels can help guide and support you to develop your special gifts and talents, find the right space and people to aid your life purpose or mission, and heal any false beliefs, trauma, or self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from achieving your highest good. They can help you find what is lost, heal what is hurt, restore what is broken or forgotten, remove obstacles or give you inspiration to discover new, effortless ways of conquering them, show you the truth of who and what you are, give you the wisdom and understanding to see with clear vision, hear with clarity, speak with compassion and confidence, and act with love and kindness in any situation.

 Archangel Michael
Eastern Orthodox image of Archangel Michael from Pinterest

There are many archangels that are spoken of in various faiths and traditions, but the archangels are non-denominational and available to anyone of any faith or no particular faith. Archangels are also genderless or gender neutral so you needn’t worry about your sexual orientation or using the wrong gender for any archangel. They know the beauty and perfection that resides in your holy spirit and hold no judgement or criticism for anything you think you may have said, thought, or done that is wrong, bad, or otherwise deserving punishment. The archangels know that humanity has forgotten their true identity and power as divine creators and only wish to help correct our errors so that we can all experience the joy, peace, understanding, beauty, fulfillment, awe, glory, health, strength, grace, compassion, gratitude, abundance, prosperity, and unconditional love we were all born to give and receive.

Archangel Gabriel
Archangel Gabriel image borrowed from Pinterest

There are fifteen archangels I will be discussing over the next fifteen weeks. I will give a brief introduction here and discuss each one in detail for the next fifteen weeks.

The first, and most well-known archangel is Michael, whose name means “He who is like God.” Michael is the protector and defender of humanity and can help protect and repair your belongings, home, vehicles, and guide you to your life purpose.

The next most well-known archangel is Gabriel, whose name means “the strength of God.” Gabriel assists with pregnancy, birth, and communication.

Another very familiar archangel is Raphael, whose name means “God heals.” Raphael works with people and animals who need and want mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical healing.

Archangel Uriel, whose name means “The light of God,” is the archangel of knowledge, wisdom, information, ideas, insight, and epiphanies.

Archangel Chamuel, whose name means “He who sees God,” is the archangel to call on when you need to find something.

Archangel Ariel is the perfect archangel to call on for environmental problems or pursuits, working with animals and manifesting the supplies and support to thrive. Ariel’s name means “Lion of God.”

Archangel Metatron is said to be the mediator between heaven and earth. Call on Metatron for healing and clearing away low energies, to work with highly sensitive children, and understanding or teaching about universal energy.

Archangel Sandalphon, who was the prophet Elijah before he ascended, helps practically apply esoteric and spiritual wisdom while delivering prayers and is also considered the angel of music.

Archangel Azrael, whose name means “Whom helps God” is the angel who guides souls to heaven at death and helps the grieving heal.

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty. Jophiel means “Beauty of God” and “she” can help you beautify your thoughts, feelings, physical self and environment.

Archangel Haniel, whose name means “The Grace of God,” helps those who seek to develop their spiritual gifts and intuition as well as feminine emotional and physical health issues.

Archangel Raziel helps humanity focus, avoid distractions and learn to use our skills and knowledge for our highest good. Raziel’s name means “The secrets of God,” and working with Raziel opens your mind and heart up to universal wisdom for healing and growth as well as accessing the Akashic records to recall lessons and special talents.

Archangel Raguel, whose name means “Friend of God,” is the archangel of relationship harmony.

Archangel Jeramiel helps recently departed souls review their lives before they ascend and inspires divine visions in the living. Jeremiel’s name means “Mercy of God” and you can call upon “him” for inspiration, life reviews and dream clarity.

Archangel Zadkiel, whose name means “The righteousness of God,” helps people heal emotional pain, release anger and victimhood, and learn to forgive. Zadkiel also helps students retain facts and figures and pass exams.

Archangel Raphael image borrowed from Pinterest

All of these angels are ready and willing to help you at any moment, but you have to ask for help. Because you have free will they cannot intervene or aid you without you express permission, unless you are in danger or in a position that would prevent you from completing your earthly mission and unable to ask for help. The best way to connect and work with the archangels is to simply ask them to make their presence known to you. Requests and affirmations of gratitude are the most effective way to start a relationship with them. You can say, “Archangel ———-, thank you for helping me find the perfect career, mate, or place to live.” Or you can ask for guidance by saying, “Archangel ———– please help me develop my spiritual gifts, find my life purpose, or a wonderful relationship.” You can also call on them in times of immediate danger, fear, or need and ask for protection, guidance, or healing.

I will go into much more detail in the coming weeks about developing your relationship with these powerful, loving beings and provide you with some meditations to get you started. My life was forever transformed when I began working with archangels and I have gained so much peace, power, fulfillment, joy, understanding, compassion, gratitude, and prosperity because of these beloved messengers of God. I know your life will be forever changed in miraculous ways when you learn to connect and work with these divine angels.

On another note, I realize that so many people have been devastated by the COVID-19 shutdown and wanted to share some divine resources that may be just what you need to get you on the path to recovery and your greatest good. I want to support you in fulfilling your heart’s desires, purpose, and mission so I am sharing a wonderful vlog on abundance and a free e-book on financial freedom from Patricia Cota-Robles. These are powerful gifts that will help you find peace and prosperity during challenging times. They are only available for a short time and I am not affiliated with Patricia or her work in any way. I have studied, read, and used her wisdom, guidance, channelings, books, and cd’s and received great benefit from them and hope you do as well.

Kathy Best is an intuitive living expert, who combines her experience and knowledge in Nutritional Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, Compassionate Communication, Angelic Guidance and Healing, and personal development coaching into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance so that they can reclaim their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the glorious, happy, vibrant, fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be!

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