by: Kathy Best, May 24, 2020

Life provides us with abundant opportunities if we recognize the variety, form, and meaning behind them. The types of opportunities vary with the circumstances and environments of our experiences. Some are meant to help us grow and mature – like when your first real relationship runs its course and you realize you’re not the same person you were when you entered the relationship, or your partner decides you are no longer the person they want to be in relationship with. Maybe infidelity has occurred, you can’t communicate with out arguing or fighting, or both start decide you want different things in life and in relationship. Endings and change are not bad in and of themselves. People have a tendency to assign inaccurate meanings that usually reflect something they feel they lack or a personality flaw that makes them unlovable or incapable of committing to someone. When in truth all things come to an end and endings are just opportunities to create new, more pleasant beginnings with a deeper understanding and wisdom about ourselves and our needs, goals, values, and desires, which the previous experience imparted to us.

Other opportunities are meant to help us develop confidence or skills that will serve us in our present and future experiences. Some help us discover our passions and gifts, while others help us define what we want and what we don’t want. Then there are those of force us to choose what is truly important to us and what we are willing to give up or sacrifice for some other goal or pursuit. My most recent experience was with the latter. I was offered an opportunity where I could have been very successful and made lots of money, but it would’ve cost me my integrity authenticity and a piece of my soul. I’m sure I could’ve found a way to do it with integrity eventually but not before I had had to set aside my honor and my honesty to follow their roadmap in the beginning. The way the offer was presented was misleading and manipulative as were the practices involved with the marketing which was sad because I felt what they were offering was very valuable. Unfortunately the company encouraged and rewarded people that enrolled the most clients regardless of how dishonest or manipulative their tactics were.

No matter which path we take or what opportunity we decided to accept or ignore we are constantly learning about ourselves, our motives, our needs, our values, and deciding how we want to show up and grow in this life. It didn’t take me long to determine the integrity and honesty were far more important to me than money and success. I already knew this would be the case but sometimes life gives you opportunities to practice what you preach. This was one of those cases. I am thankful for the experience because it reinforced and reaffirmed that while financial gain and prosperity is important to me “I’m not willing to do “whatever it takes” to get it. It also made me realize that although starting my own spiritual development business is been hard and sometimes feels like I’m not making a difference at all it is still my passion, my mission, and my purpose and I am recommitted more than ever to making it a success because there are so many people out there lacking a spiritual foundation and a guidance system that can bring them happiness, peace, fulfillment, unconditional love, abundance, success, vibrant health, harmony, supportive relationships, security, safety, purpose, and so much more!

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In conclusion when you stand at a crossroads in life it doesn’t matter which path you choose. Life is always, always every moment of every day offering us opportunities to change, reaffirm, or reconceive what we think, believe, feel, speak, and do to create alignment with our heart and our soul. It’s only when we choose to step out of alignment of what we know is right, necessary, and true for ourselves that we experience pain, suffering, lack, and limitation.

I leave you with a message from one of my newest channels.

A Message from Adam of Eden

Knowledge and wisdom are pointless if you don’t use your heart and your soul to guide their application. The greatest discoveries and inventions created for the betterment of humanity have been twisted and abused by those who operate unconsciously or without a conscience. Humanity is on the verge of monumental change and the collective consciousness of the world will determine if the change is for the good of all or the greed of a few. Use your time in isolation as an opportunity to consciously choose to focus your attention and energy on the heartfelt dreams and soul desires you hold for yourself and this planet. There has been a cosmic vibrational shift from the 4th dimension to the 5th dimension and this shift is enabling those that keep their own vibration high to manifest much faster than ever before. So envision a world that is unified in the common cause of social and economic prosperity and equality for all – a world where humanity is the good steward of everything this planet provides for your sustenance and your personal pleasure. Use the emotion of your heart and the imagination of your mind to see and feel what it will be like when everyone has more than enough to thrive, when humanity behaves like a global community of caring, compassionate brothers and sisters who protect, respect, and support one another in doing, being and having the highest and best experiences life has to offer. When we can do this it will have a ripple effect that carries over to every creature, plant, and environment on the earth. So feel the excitement, joy, gratitude, appreciation, and contentment overflowing inside you as you create the vision of your most miraculous, abundant, authentic, generous, kind, compassionate, fulfilling, rewarding, heart-centered life and witness it unfolding and manifesting in your outer world as it has in your inner world! You have the power and everything you need to achieve it and the time is now!  

Kathy Best is an Intuitive Living Coach, who combines her experience and knowledge in Nutritional Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Ho’Oponopono, EFT, Compassionate Communication, Angelic Guidance and Healing, and personal development coaching into individualized programs that help her clients recover their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual balance so that they can reclaim their divine gifts, redefine themselves, and recreate their lives into the glorious, happy, vibrant, fulfilling masterpieces they were meant to be!

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