Call on Angels to Support You Every Day

by: Kathy Best, Intuitive Living Coach

During challenging times it’s helpful to remember that you are not alone no matter how isolated you feel. You have the love, protection, and guidance of your higher power, whatever name you choose to label it – Source, Creator, God, Allah, Brahma, Divine Intelligence, Universal Life Force, Spirit, etc. This Intelligence, in its infinite wisdom new that direct connection to It would become challenging and so sent sages, way-showers, angels, guides, ascended masters, and all manner of assistance to aid Its beloved creations. 

Often we feel so alone during our times of need because we allow our mind to focus on negative, unhappy, or fearful thoughts and beliefs. This lowers our energy and vibration and blocks our heart and mind from receiving the support and guidance we desperately long for. We can open ourselves to the loving wisdom and care of our higher power and the angels by paying conscious attention to our thoughts and words as well as what we focus our energy upon. A clear mind and an open heart are the best ways to connect with and hear and feel the devoted guidance and assistance of your guardian angels and the arch angels.

You don’t need to wait for a crisis or big challenge to ask for aid. Angels love helping you in every area of your life on a daily basis. Nothing is too small or too big for the angels to handle. Always remember to give thanks and show your gratitude before or after you ask for assistance, even though your request has not been fulfilled yet. Faith and appreciation are two of the biggest keys to receiving help and support. It’s not that the angels won’t try to help even if we don’t have faith or give thanks, it’s simply that faith and attitude of gratitude open up the unlimited possibilities in which aid can be given. When we are insistent on a certain response or outcome it may slow down or inhibit the ability of the angels to give us what we need. Our free will and our expectations override their desire to assist us.

This article will focus on angels because they are multicultural and easily accessible. Angels are a part of most cultural histories, stories, and religious texts, but they are also very much associated with modern day miracles, healings, and visitations. You don’t have to belong to any specific religion or culture to call on and receive help or guidance from any angel. The biggest challenge is our own disbelief or our feelings of unworthiness when it comes to angelic support and assistance. Know that angels are not limited by time, space, or physical restraints. They can be in multiple places at once and love helping us with everything from misplaced car keys to life threatening illness and everything in between. Here is a general list of the various types of angels.

Angel of Mercy

Angel Of Mercy – One of the most powerful in the Angelic Realm. She is directed to fight darkness of all kinds, physical, mental, spiritual. Call upon her to aid you when darkness closes in.

  Angel of Restitution – When you feel beaten down in spirit, lost in despair, she can help you recover from emotional trauma and resolve deep-seated issues.

Angel of Deliverance

  Angel of Deliverance – She helps free your soul from the prison of fear, anger, or the injury of deception.  She relieves the anxiety and anger of unjust situations and judgments.

Angel of Trust

  Angel of Trust – Provides support when you are struggling to overcome a sense of betrayal or a loss of belief.

Angel of Faith

  Angel of Faith –She helps to restore your faith in Good. Calling upon her daily builds your experience of faith into unshakable conviction.

Angel of Healing

  Angel of Healing – She provides temporary personal relief and support while you call upon and work with other angels to effect complete healing at all levels.

  Angel of Purity – Invoke her to assists in breaking the chains of all kinds of addictive behaviors.

Angel of Peace

  Angel of Peace – She heals mental distress and plants seeds of hope and optimism.

Angel of Knowledge

  Angel of Knowledge – When you want to offer sound, helpful advice to another, or when you need reliable, accurate information yourself, call on this angel and prepare to receive healing, soothing, inspired information.

Angel of Wisdom

  Angel of Wisdom – She offers trustworthy guidance when you are making critical or important decisions.

  Angel Of Awareness – She keeps you focused in the present, and she helps those around you to keep an open mind, to be less judgmental, and helps everyone to be more effective communicators.

Angel of Beauty

  Angel of Beauty – This angel opens us up to appreciate the beauty in nature and to absorb the healing and inspiration that nature holds. She is also an ally when someone in your life, or someone in your family seems overly focused on superficial beauty to the detriment of your relationship. Ask the Angel of Beauty to shift their perceptions to allow them to recognize inner beauty of spirit.

  Angel of Purpose – Call on her if you are confused about finding your purpose, or about defining your highest purpose in life.

Angel of Relationships

  Angel of Relationships – Call her to help you resolve problems with those close to you, or to guide you to find a good partner match.

  Angel of Fertility – She provides aid in conception and support in carrying a child to full term.

Angel of Birth

  Angel of Birth – She supports the health of the Mother and child during delivery.

Angel of the Sun

  Angel of the Sun – Call upon this angel to open the cells of your body to receive the full healing and nourishing power of the sun.

Angel of Light

  Angel of LIGHT – The Angel of Light brings us restorative light given to her by God. It is more powerful than any light on earth and more powerful than the sun.

  Angel of Water – Ask her to change the frequency of water to make it more cleansing, nourishing, and grounding. If you are soaking a wound or injury, she can create healing qualities in the water.

  Angel of Air – This angel has powerful purifying energy that changes the frequency of the air, cleansing negative thought forms and promoting harmony.

  Angel of Dreams – Invite her to enter your dreams to help you sort out and resolve emotional conflicts. Also call her to help you experience the freedom and magic of youthful dreams.


  Arch Angels are probably the most well-know of all the angels and are associated most closely with the Earth and this solar system. Some perform multiple duties that involve a larger sphere of activity.  A few Arch Angels have incarnated in human form and understand the experience and the challenges of human life first hand. They are all available to offer wisdom and guidance at your request.

UNKNOWN Angels – This is a group of very powerful but unnamed angelic beings who can be called upon at any time to help us with life challenges.  They can be invited to help in situations along with any specifically named angels listed here.

You can call upon any of the angels using your voice – whisper, talk, or shout. The power of the spoken word adds energy and clarity to your desire for assistance. You can also think your requests or visualize your requests for wisdom or assistance. Angels rarely intervene without your explicit request as they are limited by our gift of free will. There are some rare exceptions to that rule, but angels are constrained by our life contracts and soul purpose.

  • The list and descriptions of the various types of angels provided by Penny Best. You can find out more about her on her Facebook page,

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