You May Not Be Who You Think You Are

Written by: Kathy Best, CRRC, CNTC, ACCR, PPSDC

 January 30, 2020

What if everything you’ve ever been taught about who you are, life, the world, and your place in it have been false assumptions taught as facts? According to eminent researcher, New York Times best-selling author, educator, and pioneer in the unification of science, spirituality, and human potential, Gregg Braden there are 5 false assumptions science and our world have been operating under for decades that have been proven inaccurate repeatedly but are not being shared publicly for many reasons. First of which is fear – fear of losing power, prestige, money, etc.

These 5 false assumptions are:

♦ Evolution explains life/human life.

♦ Civilization began about 5,000 years ago.

♦ Consciousness is separate from our physical world.

♦ The space between things is empty.

♦ Nature is based on survival of the strongest

These false assumptions led to scientific hypothesis that led to more false assumptions including:

♦ The origin of life is random.

♦ The origin of human life is random.

♦ Our relationship to our body is separate.

♦ Our relationship to our world is separate.

♦ Time and history are linear.

♦ The fundamental rule of nature is competition and conflict

Discoveries over the last 50 years have discounted and disproved these false assumptions. Many of which were published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals but not shared with the public. These discoveries could radically change the way we interact with and experience life on every level. But even our children are not being taught this new information in school, for the same reasons mentioned above.

The newest discoveries that are still being ignored by mainstream science today:

♦ The origin of life is not random.

♦ The origin of human life is not random.

♦ Our relationship to our bodies is connected.

♦ Our relationship to our world is connected.

♦ Our relationship to our past is cyclic.

♦ The fundamental rule of nature is cooperation and mutual aid.

♦ There is a field of energy that surrounds all of us and connects us to one another and the earth.

My personal experience led me on a journey of self-discovery that overturned everything I once believed about myself, life, and the world. What I have come to know as my truth may not resonate with you where you are in your journey right now, but it may plant a seed of curiosity that blossoms into a garden of your own sacred experiences.

This is what I have come to understand through my search for meaning, purpose and understanding about God, Life, and my place in the world.

You are a reflection of Divine Intelligence, Universal Life Force, God, Allah, Yahweh, or whatever other name you choose to call your Holy Spirit. How you choose to express and manifest your divinity is your choice, as we all have free will to create anything and everything we can conceive.

What if you knew in your heart and soul that you were eternal, infinitely powerful, perfectly made, completely whole, and always unified with the Creator?

What if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that the only hell you would ever experience was one of your own making?

What if you knew beyond question that you were unconditionally loved, cherished, appreciated, and supported always – that all of the bad, painful experiences were just experiences, colored by your perception, meant only to give you contrast, information, knowledge, inspiration, strength, empathy, compassion, wisdom, courage, faith, understanding, and a foundation from which you could decide what you wanted more of and what you did not want ever again?

What if life was simply about creating and recreating yourself and your world into the most glorious expression of your divine essence that you can imagine at any given moment?

What if you knew as sure as the sun would rise that everyone returns to the same place from which we all came no matter what their physical form did or did not do during its expression on earth?

What if you could see the big picture, the web of connectedness, the core of everyone’s being, and you knew in the depth of your bones that our physical body and external possessions are but an infinitesimal particle of the multidimensional power and potential we carry within us – that no one ever fails, suffers, or dies – we simply act as though we can to continue the fantasy we have created about who and what we are?

What if you were intimately, consciously, and continuously connected and communicating with your internal guidance system, other dimensions, guides, angels, ascended masters, the Akashic field, and the Holy Spirit?

How would it change the way you live if you knew absolutely that everything you just read was true?

What would happen if you simply started behaving like it was?

Theoretical physicist, John Wheeler explained it like this, “We could not even imagine a universe that did not contain observers (us), because the very building blocks of the universe are the acts of (us) observing the universe.”

We are part of a universe that is a work in progress; we are tiny patches of the universe looking at itself – and building itself.” Tim Folger – science and nature writer

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