Breaking Through Fear and Anxiety


Full transparency, fear and anxiety have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.

Almost everyone has had an experience of fear or anxiety at one time or another in their life, but many people suffer from chronic fear and anxiety. Sometimes it isn’t even recognized as such, because it has so many different characteristics. That sweaty palms, fight or flight feeling isn’t always the tell-tale sign of fear and anxiety, especially for chronic sufferers.

Fear and anxiety can also be experienced as confusion, knots in the stomach, shortness of breath, body aches, nervousness, apathy, losing interest in our dreams and goals, challenging relationships, and loss of control. Both fear and anxiety can keep us paralyzed in our relationships, jobs, and in our very lives. They can stop us from following our dreams and can affect every area of someone’s world.

Anxiety is a symptom of unresolved emotions. So many people walk through life in denial of painful past experiences, unaware of their deep emotional trauma, or burying their feelings under layers of anger, resentment, shame, guilt, and blame. Most people simply don’t know how to process their emotions, so they accumulate years and years of repressed emotions, stress, and physical and mental chaos. We often feel anxious and fearful when we feel we have no control over our lives or the people around us.

What we’re really experiencing is a lack of inner control – our emotional safety and wellness. We feel victimized and weak because we have given our power to people and experiences that hurt us. We don’t recognize that we allowed them to hurt us by giving them that power over us. We chose to assign emotional significance to certain people and experiences expecting certain behaviors or outcomes and when we didn’t get what we hoped, wished, or expected we decided to let our unfulfilled expectations cause us anguish or grief.

We don’t trust ourselves to make good choices or judgements, because things haven’t worked out in the past. We don’t value our worth because we let someone else determine what that value was and they had their own agenda, pain, and perspective to color their responses.

Many of us may talk like we have faith in a Creator and a universal structure of connection and reason, but in truth, we are deeply afraid we aren’t significant enough to be a meaningful participant in the scheme of things. This is the core component of all our anxieties: We fear that we don’t matter, that we aren’t worthy or loveable, that we aren’t safe, or that we’re not valued. These are all illusions of the mind created by false belief systems that originated from trauma and painful experiences.

Fear is one of our best guidance systems we were given. It tells us when something’s wrong. It’s purpose is to protect us from danger – from real threats that can physically harm us. The problem lies in discerning actual danger from illusions that are created in the mind. These illusions are not accurate signals and only keep us stuck in cycles of pain from our past. These illusions prevent us from healing old wounds and letting go of the past.

When we can recognize and connect to our intuition, our higher consciousness, and our soul, we can live in a world that is free from emotional trauma and stop carrying the dead weight of our past like a badge of courage. Self-care and personal growth are crucial to this endeavor.

I witnessed animal torture, people I knew stealing from us, and a double homicide, experienced a home invasion, sexual harassment, and an automobile injury, all by the time I was 7 years old.

I’ve lived through bullying, eating disorders, chronic depression, seizures, addictions, and abuse. I’ve recovered from severe chronic migraines, CIRS, Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, Bartonella, long-term mold exposure, hypothyroidism, CAEBV, and adrenal disease.

I don’t share these things for sympathy, but to help you see that everyone experiences fear, anxiety, pain, and suffering of some form during their lives, some experience much more and some less. Some of it is created by others in our lives, but much of it we create ourselves. We make choices that put us in familiar situations whether they were good or bad and let our perceptions, beliefs, thoughts, and fear continue to determine what we bring into our lives and what we accept.

Like almost everyone else on the planet, I’ve witnessed deep emotional issues and afflictions in the people I care about. Although I was a fairly normal functioning young person, by most people’s standards, I was suffering terribly inside, totally disconnected, and full of fear. It wasn’t until I left a 12 year abusive relationship and began studying metaphysics, spiritual principles, energy medicine, and love that I was able to reconnect to my authentic self. I’m on a mission to help others do the same.

I have training in nutrition, energy healing, life coaching, meditation, angel communication, soul coaching, and many other modalities, but it was my own physical and emotional healing that led me to pursue my passion for helping others heal by igniting their intuition and reconnecting their body, mind and soul.

Using what I’ve studied, practiced, and learned about intuition, the power of our minds, the connection between our mind, body, and soul, and our unbreakable bond to the Source of our being and divine guidance I have been able to change my experience completely and miraculously! I was able to heal many of the beliefs and behaviors that were keeping me stuck in pain, fear, lack, and limitation, make more money than I ever had before and get regular raises and bonuses when the economy was down, sell two homes within two weeks of being on the market for 32k profit, and 73k profit, meet and marry the love of my life, recover from multiple illnesses, discover my passion and my purpose and pursue it wholeheartedly, and create more happiness, love, joy, abundance, harmony, healing than I ever thought possible.

I believe we are all here to help each other to heal, grow, and reconnect with Spirit. I believe that our disconnection to our emotions, our intuition, and to our soul is the root of all fear. Fear is the determining factor behind emotional detachment. We fear negative feelings so we shut down or try to avoid them. Detachment creates defensiveness, contempt, anxiety, and weakness in our body and mind which fragments our energy and power. In order to heal we need to be whole.

Articles explaining our multidimensional attributes

We can’t live consciously or connected to divine perfection of the universe when we are disconnected from our certain emotions and experiences. The internal conflict created from unprocessed emotions and trauma cuts off our flow of healing energy and disconnects us from the divine loving guidance. Avoidance of certain feelings is an attempt to escape pain, which is understandable, but there is no real escape from our emotions. They are as much a part of us as our organs and our blood. When we bury, avoid, or disconnect from our feelings we can create illness and dis-ease in our mind and body.

A healthy, fulfilling, rich life requires presence and connection. Denial threatens sanity and health. One of the oldest conflicts of the human condition is accepting that pain and love coexist. Healing is about putting all of the pieces of your heart, mind, and soul back together again, not attempting to remove certain parts. We need to understand that we are no our physical bodies, we are beings of energy and light. We are made up of atoms and molecules of vibrating energy that will continue to exist long after our physical body has expired. We come from a universal Source and we will return to that Source when our experience on earth is done.

The trials and troubles we go through are simply meant to help us gain more understanding, more wisdom, more awareness and more opportunity to use our creative gifts to design new sets, new stories, new paths, new adventures, discover new talents and recreate ourselves and our lives into bigger and better versions of what we once thought we were. When we truly understand and embody these concepts we know boundless peace, passion, purpose, and freedom.

Our emotions, even the painful ones enable us to add layers of variety and depth to our experience. Without the full range of emotions, we might miss the opportunity to feel empathy, express humility, and gratitude, understand embarrassment, or offer forgiveness and unconditional love.

Overcoming fear and anxiety can be a lifelong process for some, but it can also come rapidly or even instantly from a deep sense of knowing that you are so much more than flesh and blood. When we consciously seek to understand and develop our intuition, our connection to our bodies, the planet, the life force energy that flows through us, around us, and within all things, we become awakened to the limitless, multidimensional power and potential we all hold within us. This is something that like any skill or gift requires active, consistent use. The more we develop our intuition and our body, mind, soul connection the more we become emboldened, empowered, courageous, and confident that fear and anxiety no longer hold any power over us and no longer define who we are and what we are capable of.

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