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9 Reasons to Cultivate Your Intuition

Written by: Kathy Best, CRRC. CNTC. IACR, EIPPSDC

January 10, 2020

Life can sometimes feel like you’re walking a tight rope with no safety net and hungry sharks lurk just out of sight waiting for you to fall. When you turn on your intuition and tune in to its subtle guidance it’s like you suddenly remember even if you fall the sharks are actually dolphins waiting to carry you to safety. Using your intuition is really just following your instincts. It’s much like your own internal guidance system that alerts you when you’re heading for trouble or offers you a better, alternate route.  Intuition goes by many names including instincts, higher self, subconscious, spirit, or gut feeling. No matter what you label it there is no doubt it has the power to turn anyone’s life around. Here are 9 benefits gained from activating your intuition.

  1. Confidence: When you learn to discern between your inner guidance and your ego running the show you become more confident making decisions. You also begin receiving and recognizing signs and better options to aid you in difficult choices.
  2. Clarity: Whether it’s healing your body and mind, your life purpose, a new relationship, or what step to take next to start a new career – you open yourself up to your internal compass that always steers you in the right direction.
  3. Creativity: Whether you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, or you wish you could be more creative on demand, you’ll never be at a loss for inspiration, innovation, or invention when you get your intuitive juices flowing.
  4. Resilience: When you’re tuned into your intuition the everyday problems and the unexpected issues, challenges, and loss don’t overwhelm you or put you in fear and anxiety mode like they used to. You now know that you are completely capable of handling anything and everything that comes your way.
  5. Harmony: Everything seems to flow so much easier now. You no longer struggle and fight against things that appear to be unfair; you’ve stopped being jealous of other people’s success even if it seems to be at your expense; you need to be right and win all disagreements is no longer more important than keeping the peace and being kind. You know that everything that looks like your loss is actually creating space for something better, more wisdom, more compassion, more love, and more happiness.
  6. Courage: You’re more ready to take calculated risks and more open to trying new things and things you may have wanted to do before, but were too afraid. You see life as a school of creative art and you are ready to do and be everything your heart and soul desires.
  7. Joy and Contentment: You become the eternal optimist you used to criticize in others. You see life through a lens of experience for experience sake and recognize all of the growth and wonder hidden in every moment. You no longer chase after things and people hoping to find happiness. You create joy and contentment in your mind and heart appreciating everything you have and all that you already are.
  8. Gratitude: As you begin listening to your intuition regularly you become awed and grateful for such a potent tool. You also become aware of the many other gifts you possess, especially the ones that took you so long to recognize. You’ve learned that when you focus your attention on the good in your life, life just keeps bringing your more of it. Now start and end your day making a list of all of the people, things, events, and personal traits you are grateful for and watch as your life just keeps getting better and better.
  9. Trust: You learn to absolutely trust yourself. Your decisions are made from a place of graceful peace and surrender. You can quickly and easily tell who you can and cannot trust. You realize that Life never threw you under the bus. Your fear-based ego was the one making a mess of everything and you’ve learned how to sooth and quiet the ego when it starts ranting. With your internal compass as your guide there is nothing to fear and a new, wonderful world awaits you.

Developing and using your intuition offers so much more depth, meaning, and authenticity to life. It expands your beliefs, perspectives, capacity to love and forgive, to empathize and see the bigger picture, and to embrace change, variety, differences, and to find common ground. It relieves the stress, anxiety, and worry that comes from walking through life wearing a security system that you don’t know how to use. It helps you become the person you were meant to be and attract to you the people and experiences that enable you to manifest a beautiful, miraculous life.

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