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You Are Much More Than a Physical Being

written by: Kathy Best CRRC, CNTC, ACCR, PSDC

A very important truth that so many of us seem to dismiss or not even be aware of is the fact that we are so much more than our physical body. Let’s just take a closer look at the body for a minute. The human body is constantly performing multiple complex processes without our command or attention. The heart beats as it should without our assistance or guidance, breathing is regulated, blood flows, oxygen is circulated and carbon dioxide is released, nutrients are synthesized, thoughts and images are processed quickly and efficiently, speech is produced, understanding of complex ideas and information is developed, cells are dividing, dying, regenerating, hair and nails are growing, skin is being shed and replaced, sounds are being identified, food is being digested, waste is being processed and eliminated, toxins are being released and expelled, our arms and legs work and move in collaboration without second thought and so much more all while we move through our daily lives unconcerned or even aware of the miraculous perfection that is our divine design. It really is very egotistical and ignorant of us to believe that anything but a higher intelligence created such an amazing form to house the life force energy that is our infinite, indestructible formless, ageless, timeless essence.

Now for those of you that are still unsure, on the fence, or just asleep, there is mounting scientific evidence that our bodies hold a separate consciousness beyond that of our thoughts and mind. This consciousness can observe the mind thinking, can affect the thoughts, shift the perceptions, and manipulate body functions as the mind watches. There are also fields of energy within and without the body that produce healing or disruptive effects on the physical body, other people in its environment, plants, and animals. If you’ve ever been curious about near death experiences and have been willing to read some of the scientific evidence you would have discovered that people all over the world, from different cultures, religions, backgrounds, and ages have been able to accurately describe events that occurred after they were clinically dead. Add to that the very similar stories of afterlife experiences and one has to begin to wonder if we know a lot less about life and death than we believe. There have also been a number of studies done at UVA regarding children and past life experiences which had some exciting results. There are countless evidence based examples of people healing themselves or being healed through thoughts and prayers. Then there is remote viewing and the military departments that train and utilize this natural ability to obtain intelligence on people and places they cannot access physically. You can find actual government documents on such topics online. The point is that as a species we know very little about the limits and potentials of our multifaceted abilities and the Creator that designed us.

Two very important abilities we were all born with, gifted are intuition and connection to universal intelligence. We all have access to intuition and a connection to our higher power and divine guidance. On a soul level we all know it, but when we incarnate as humans some of us forget that truth. Sometimes our souls choose to experience situations and circumstances that force us to recall that truth and reactivate those connections in new and different ways. In reality, the only things that prevents us from receiving intuitive and divine guidance are our own thoughts and beliefs. 

I spent much of my life under the illusion that I was powerless, helpless, and forced to face life’s challenges alone. It took me many years to redefine what was true for me, to reexamine and reconfigure my thoughts and beliefs. When I finally started opening myself up to a broader, more expansive, more loving, compassionate view of the eternal Energy Force that flows in and through everything and everyone I started to recreate my life and the world around me in wondrous ways.

You too can experience a life of wonder, beauty, joy, financial and personal freedom, confidence, contentment, clarity, and communion with All That Is. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, or what religion or culture you align yourself with. The only thing that matters is your desire to develop a closer relationship with the God of your understanding and the willingness to be open to new thoughts, beliefs, and ideas about who you are and what you are capable of.

If you are ready to explore the possibility that what you were taught to believe is not the whole truth or the only truth and you have a thirst for something more meaningful and a feeling in your heart that there is much more to life than you’re currently experiencing sign up for my FREE Path to Freedom Breakthrough session so that we can uncover your unique genius, activate your innate gifts, and discover your unlimited potential.

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