By: Kathy Best, CNT, CRRC, ACCR, PSDC, November 22, 2019

Everyone has their moody moments, but if emotional turmoil is your most common state you need to take a deeper look to determine if your emotional issues are causing problems with your organs or if you’re organs are warning you there is a serious physical problem. Mounting scientific evidence is now showing that our internal mental environment, long held emotional resentments, and unprocessed trauma can cause illness and disease, but you organs also communicate to you through the language of emotions. Everything from our physical environment, our homes, workplaces, food, clothes, makeup, cologne, phones, computers, and water to our laundry detergent, television, beds, blankets, couches, carpet, candles, and cookware can disrupt our body’s natural processes, organ function, energy systems and health. We are bombarded constantly with toxins, chemicals, frequencies, and energies that were not around or nearly as common 50 years ago as they are today.

Do your emotions make you feel like you’re on a roller coaster? Does each month bring emotional challenges that feel a little different than the last? Maybe one month you’re coming from a place of fear or sadness, and the next month you may be mad or simply indifferent to your environment. Have you ever wondered why you feel like you have multiple personalities? Obviously certain emotional responses are triggered by what you’re experiencing in your daily life, others can be long-held patterns from old beliefs, stories, and painful experiences. But, there’s another important reason why some emotions may be showing up more than others.

The health of your body’s organs plays an enormous role in the expression of your emotions! Here is an example: Alcoholics seem to have a short temper and are easily angered. The feelings of anger are produced by the liver. The liver of most alcoholics is seriously overworked, damaged, or in critical condition and it’s crying out for help.

Here is a bit more information about each organ, their associated emotions, and what symptoms are produced and stored in each. In Chinese medicine there are 7 key emotions used to recognize when our body is trying to warn us of potential problems. It is essential to recognize that all organs are interconnected with one another. If one is in trouble you can be sure others are as well.


The emotion hate is produced and stored in the heart and small intestines. Impatience, over-excitement, cruelty, and maniacan be byproducts of chronic hate. When you experience continued, long-term hatred and excitement it becomes taxing and can burn out the nervous system. Symptoms of such a state include palpitations, insomnia, and fuzzy thinking. Excessive risk taking could be a physical expression of someone who is becoming manic. Mania is sometimes difficult to recognize. Externally it may seem like someone is very happy and excited about everything. It may seem as though they have a boundless well of energy or they are just naturally hyperactive and overly dramatic. But, balance is everything; to counter the highs, you also need calmness and quiet time. Calmness, quiet, and peace will relax the heart and relieve the excess tension that produces these unwelcome and possibly dangerous symptoms.


The organs responsible for anger are the liver, eyes, and gall bladder. Anger has many emotional expressions including resentment, frustration, and rage. Some symptoms associated with an excess of anger include blurry vision, dizziness, headaches that are focused at the top of the head, increased cholesterol production, digestive problems due to imbalanced bile production, and increased toxicity of the blood and liver due to liver dysfunction. The best way to soothe and release anger is to recognize it, find the root cause, focus your attention on it and let it run its course in your body and mind, then thank it and send it appreciation for letting you know you needed to deal with something important, and release it. This may cause resistance at first and will very likely lead to sadness, but that is where the true healing begins. Practicing kindness and generosity can help heal the toxic effects of anger.


Fear is formed and stored in the kidneys, adrenals, ears, and bladder.  It decreases your energy and is very heavy and dense in nature. If fear is a chronic, habitual experience for you it can weaken your adrenals, lower your body temperature, reduce sexual energy, cause nervous system disorders, and cause hormone, metabolism, and digestive imbalances.  Hearing, bladder, and back issues along with a chronic feeling of knots in the stomach, and overly acidic body fluids leading to acidosis may also occur. Fear can easily become all-consuming for many people, especially those with childhood instability. It can be challenging to reprogram your mind to move out of fear patterns and into introspection, practical analysis, and more beneficial thought patterns, but with dedication and help it can be done. Your ability to shift out of a fear state into a neutral or positive state can completely reverse the health issues associated with this emotion. Learning to change and control your thoughts and emotions can increase your body’s ability to heal from environmental stressors and toxins as well.


Shock is produced and stored in the gallbladder. The emotion of shock scatters your energy and creates feelings of indecisiveness, confusion, or a lack of courage. You may also experience muscle and tendon issues as well. Implementing practices that help protect you from scattering your energy can reverse many of the symptoms related to this emotional imbalance. Shock often creates a deep rooted effects, so understanding the cause, logically reviewing the circumstances, and accepting your lack of control in these situations and appreciating your ability to handle whatever comes up, can help you learn to relax and deal with things as they come – instead of trying to be prepared for any worst-case scenario that may never happen. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can also help you stay in a more confident, peaceful state through any of life’s surprises.


Sadness, and its counterpart, depression are produced and held in the lungs, skin, and large intestine. The emotion of sadness is extremely depleting to the body over an extended period of time and can lead to chronic depression. It weakens the nervous system and lowers your stamina and energy. Some symptoms associated with this emotional issue include excessive crying, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, asthma, constipation, frequent colds, psoriasis, eczema and circulation issues. Dealing with sadness can be a difficult task to do alone, but not dealing with it can become debilitating. Feeling emotions without judgement, in a safe space, and allowing them to be truly felt and appreciated can be cathartic and healing. The key is to observe the emotions, but not become or sink into the downward spiral of the emotion. You are in control of your mind and your emotions, not the other way around. Conscious awareness is crucial when it comes to dealing with, healing, and releasing negatively charged emotions.

Worry / Anxiety

Worry is produced and stored in the spleen, stomach, and pancreas. In Chinese medicine, the spleen controls the energy of the body. When the spleen is overburdened, energy becomes stuck. Physical symptoms related to anxiety and the spleen include fatigue, mistrust of others, memory problems, loss of appetite, bloating, weight loss, paleness, dry, brittle hair and nails, skin breakouts and difficulty processing bodily waste. Eating small but nutritious meals frequently is very important when the spleen is distressed. It’s important to nourish the body to reduce the effects of stress hormones. Eating a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables also improves your mood and balances your emotional countenance. Dealing with worry and anxiety comes down to trust – trust in yourself and your ability to take care of yourself and meet your needs and trusting your higher power, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim, the Universe, Life, God, Krishna, (or whatever term resonates with you) to support, guide, and guard you whatever may come.

Chronic, buried, or unprocessed emotional issues can cause severe health problems if left unchecked. But an excess of emotional outbursts without specific triggers can also be a sign that your body is trying to warn you about serious physical health issues which need to be addressed. If you spend time every day processing emotions from events that upset you, you should not experience health issues related to buried emotional pain. If you know you have cleaned out your past emotional closet and still find yourself experiencing unusual emotional outbursts it’s time to take a good look at your physical environment and the products you keep and use in your home and workplace.

Get some nutritional advice from someone you trust, some energy work, acupuncture, reflexology, or start practicing qi gong, energy medicine, yoga, or other healing exercises to start improving your overall physical health and well-being. Meditation, forgiveness work, and gratitude can make a tremendous difference in your emotional and physical health and well-being. As you work on your emotional stability start cleaning up your physical environments, including getting rid of laundry, bathing, and personal care products that include ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, toluene, triclosan, polyfluoroalkyl, mercury, lead, phthalates, fragrance, and BPA. Here is a link to a group that provides detailed information on toxins and chemicals in just about any product you can imagine along with alternative, healthier choices:


One of the most valuable practices you can implement is consciously choosing to keep your attention focused on the feelings of love, joy, and peace. When you can consistently keep your attention and emotions vibrating at that higher level more often than the lower negative emotions, you will find that many of the external toxins and environments that used to cause problems will no longer affect you or your body’s ability to balance and regulate itself. If you have a lot of emotional issues that need healing and releasing it is best to seek out someone trained in such work. It could be a counselor, a Chinese medicine practitioner, a spiritual teacher, healer, or coach, a holistic health practitioner, or someone else that you feel safe, comfortable with, and trust.

I am trained and certified in an emotional healing practice called the peace process and work with the archangels and ascended masters, when helping clients work through and release unbeneficial beliefs, emotional pain, and toxic thoughts and behavior patterns. I would be honored to help you on your path to healing and happiness. You can sign up on my Facebook page or website for a free, no obligation breakthrough session to find out how I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.



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