Your Purpose as Your Life’s Work

by: Kathy Best, August 3, 2019

Isn’t it remarkable that there really is no other person in the world just like you and there never will be another you just as you are right now? There are between 50 and 75 trillion cells in the human body and each type of cell has its own cycle of death and rebirth. Even two or three weeks from now your body will have shed and replaced its skin cells. Each cell and every atom of life has a purpose and a mission, but science has now proven that they are all influenced by ever-changing internal and external environmental elements. Our mental and emotional environment more so than anything else, determines how genes, cells, DNA, and our very atoms behave. Every moment of your life has the capacity to wake you up, shake you up, shift your perspective, open your heart, break down your barriers, strip away your illusions, and allow you to choose something new when the old routines no longer support life. Each and every one of us will make choices that only our upbringing, our life experiences, our mind, our unique way of looking at the world, and being in the world would enable us to make.  This uniqueness defines you and your purpose.

It’s never too late to discover or choose your purpose or mission. We are each born with unlimited opportunities to learn about ourselves and grow beyond our limited perceptions and beliefs.  This also provides us with tools, talents, skills, and wisdom to choose and pursue a purpose and mission. When you seek and decide on a purpose and mission you become more passionate, more purposeful, more dedicated, and more powerful. A purpose and mission turns on our heart-light, stokes our inner fire, and awakens our soul. Our purpose and our mission can be one and the same or different. For example your purpose could be to discover the fastest way to heal chronic disease and your mission could be to get this information or an invention to the entire planet and end suffering. Your purpose could be to learn how to stay in a state of love and harmony regardless of what you experience externally. That could also be your mission because you know that when you practice this state it has a ripple effect in the world. You could set out to change the way you handle conflict and discover a method that you teach to children in schools. There really is no limit to what you can make your purpose and your mission as long as you do it for the good of all.

Your individual purpose and mission are different from your God-given purpose. Everyone has the same God-given purpose, but how we choose to express it will become our individualized approach and utilize our uniqueness as well. Our God-given purpose is to give love and be loving to every person (including ourselves), animal, plant, and natural resource on this planet. This is our true divine nature and God-given gift that allows us to create heaven on earth.

When we are out of alignment with our authenticity, our divine purpose, and our individual purpose we feel frustrated, dissatisfied, separated, and lost. We often wonder what the meaning or purpose of life is when we live unaligned with our true self and we generate feelings of anger, fear, hatred, and judgement toward everyone who is different from us. When, however, we begin opening our minds and hearts to those that wound us, forsake us, attack us, and scare us we begin to understand that fear – and its counterparts – shame, blame, guilt, and judgement drives every violent, critical, hateful, ugly, painful, negative behavior and reaction. We also begin to forgive and have compassion for our own and others transgressions even as we sever those connections that continue to promote such harmful programming. We become more conscious, confident, courageous, calm, centered, cheerful, committed, collaborative, creative, contemplative, and community oriented.

We can finally embody the truth of our being and experience how each one of us has the power and potential to change the course of our lives and the planet. How what we do or don’t do is a statement to the Creator and to the collective inhabitants of this world of who we choose to be and what we choose to represent. We finally know in our heart and soul that we are NOT the races of red, black, white, brown, or yellow. We are all the race of humanity. Kindness, charity, compassion, sympathy, mercy, and benevolence are all synonyms for humanity – and that is exactly what we are all here to express and inspire toward one another and in one another.

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