8 Practices to Help You Connect With Your Body

By: Kathy Best, CNTC, CRRC

Today’s lifestyle does not lend itself to physical, conscious awareness or being present and connected to your body. In fact too many people spend most of their life staying disconnected from their body and their emotions. In a society that seems to idolize people with zero body fat, zero brain function, or zero dignity, respect people who endorse, condone, or enforce unethical, unconscionable behavior, and otherwise disengage from themselves through social media, electronic devices, alcohol, drugs, food, or other means it seems obvious and quite natural that we no longer remember how to connect to our body or why it is so important to do so.

You see, the body has its own innate wisdom and intelligence that can alert us to physical danger, warn us when we are doing things or staying in environments that can cause illness and disease, guide us in nourishing and healing our body, mind, and spirit, and enable us to discover and fulfill our life purpose and highest good. When you develop a deeper connection with your body you begin to feel and understand the sensations, emotions, pains, and other subtle messages the body sends you constantly. For many people battling self-image issues, addictions, or eating disorders this connection can feel very unwelcome and unwanted. Often, eating disorders and addictions serve to numb us from feeling emotions and sensations like guilt, shame, blame, pain, and fear. Most of us are so caught up in our mental movies and dramas that we don’t even concern ourselves with the proper care and nourishment of our most valuable physical tool.

If you don’t have your physical health it’s almost impossible to do anything except lie in bed and vegetate. Yet, we often take our bodies and our health for granted until something happens that forces us to pay attention. Even then, we tend to do the bare minimum to get us back up and going as we unconsciously steer ourselves toward the next health crisis. It’s often only when we get that terminal diagnosis that we finally decided to wake up and take notice of our body’s needs. Unfortunately, many times we are told or believe it’s too late to reverse or cure the body, so we put up an ineffective, hopeless fight and succumb to what we believe is the inevitable prognosis – a painful death.

It does not have to be that way for anyone! Every so-called terminal illness is your body crying out in desperation for the much needed love and attention you’ve refused to give it most of your life. Do you remember how much you loved your body when you were a baby? You had no fear of being too fat, or ugly, or weak, or worthless, or unlovable. You were in awe of and in love with every single part, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. You expressed your feelings and emotions honestly and openly, letting them run their course, and then you returned to your natural expression of love and joy. It’s not until well-meaning or ill-intentioned parents, teachers, siblings, authority figures, and peers start reprimanding you, criticizing you, punishing you, and reprogramming you that you start questioning and stop listening to your body’s intelligence and your own innate, heart-centered wisdom. You may have been told over and over again in many different ways that you were stupid, ignorant, ugly, worthless, fat, lazy, a loser, unlovable, pathetic, damaged, broken, or any of a million other hurtful lies that you came to believe because the people you loved or cared about told them to you.

Whether you think you believed the lies or not, your unconscious mind did. If you have not done any work to process, release, or repair the mental and emotional damage those lies did to you will show up over and over in your present and future relationships, your work environment, and eventually become illness and disease in your body. Another cause of illness and disease is living and working in environments that do not support, encourage, or otherwise utilize your creativity, natural talents and unique genius, or fulfill your dreams and aspirations.

Our medical system is broken and no longer focuses on health care or healing. Its primary focus is now on disease care and prolonging the life of terminal patients. We are all so conditioned to believe that doctors have all of the answers and our best interest at heart that we no longer look anywhere else for support, guidance, or healing. Your body knows exactly how to heal itself when given the proper environment and the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual nutrition it needs to restore it to its original blueprint of wholeness, vibrant health, and homeostasis. You were born with a body, mind, and spirit that were connected and collaborative. Your intuition and internal guidance system were functioning at optimal performance, but you learned quickly to distrust them and disconnect from them. Now it’s time to reconnect your Divine software and start living life the way it was meant to be lived creatively, courageously, confidently compassionately, consciously, connected, and fulfilled.

Here are 8 practices to help you reconnect to your body wisdom:

  • Kinesiology is the use of muscle testing to identify imbalances in the body’s structure, chemical, emotional, or other energy fields. It can also be used to establish the body’s priority healing needs, to determine the best therapeutic procedures, and to evaluate changes brought about by therapeutic procedures. It has many more proven and potential uses and is definitely a worthwhile practice for anyone interested in working with the body’s wisdom in a hands on way.
  • Self-Love is actually one of the fastest, most profound ways to reconnect to your body wisdom and initiate transformation in every area of your life. It is probably one of the more difficult practices for many, not because it is complicated or time-consuming, but because it brings up a lot of emotional baggage and false belief’s that require healing. There are several ways to approach this, but I find that the simplest approach is the best.
  • Body Scanning is a practice in which you slowly and mindfully bring your awareness to every part of your body, individually. You can spend anywhere from five minutes to an hour, either on your own or with a guided meditation, practicing this. Beginners may want to spend more time to really get a feel for your body and how each organ and system feels to you.
  • Grounding yourself is simply pulling your awareness from the external world, or your mental environment, and refocusing on your physical body in the present moment. This can be done in any number of ways. One simple way is to focus on a physical task like washing dishes and pay attention to how the water feels, how each dish feels, and how much pressure you use to scrub each dish. Another effortless way is to simply place a weighted object in your lap, on your feet, or on your belly if you are lying down and just notice the feeling of the object on your body. You can make a weighted pillow out of a soft pillow case with a zip or Velcro closure and a 10-lb bag of rice.
  • Qigong is an Eastern mind-body-spirit practice that improves mental and physical health by incorporating movement, posture, breath, and focused attention. It opens the flow of energy through the body; warms and loosens tendons, ligaments, and muscles; tones organs and connective tissues; and promotes circulation of body fluids (blood, synovial, lymph). Numerous studies have shown qigong effective in helping to heal challenges in aspect of life – ranging from high blood pressure and chronic illness to emotional issues, mental stress, and spiritual crisis.
  • Mindful Walking is a technique that encourages focus on the movement of your body instead of the thoughts in your head. This is especially useful for people who find it difficult to meditate. You can do this at home, at work, or outside. Simply focus your attention on the movement of your legs and feet. You can go deeper by noticing how the floor or ground feels beneath your feet, how your torso moves and the swing of your arms. Anytime you notice your attention drifting bring it back to your body and the act of walking without any judgement or criticism.
  • Earthing is the practice of spending time outside exposing your body to physical, direct contact with the Earth’s surface. This means walking barefoot in the yard, working gloveless in the garden, sitting under a tree, or lying in the grass. Anything that gets you direct physical contact with the vast supply of electrons on the surface of the earth. Emerging scientific research has revealed repeated, prolonged, direct contact to the Earth’s surface has surprisingly positive effects on mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • Yoga is the most well-known, go-to practice for those that feel disconnected from their body or want to improve their fitness and health. Poses like “tree”, “warrior” and “child’s pose” are especially good for grounding you in your body. There are many types of yoga practice today that focus more in fitness and less on the mind, body, spirit connection, so look for a yoga practice that offers gentle, slow, intentional movements and poses that are held for more than a few seconds each to really get the full benefit of this valuable practice.

Try one or all of these practices to see which ones feel good to you. Any single practice will provide multiple benefits. Instituting multiple practices will super- charge and speed up the produced benefits. For more detailed instructions implementing one or several of these practices and to experience rapid results consider working with me. You can sign up for a FREE breakthrough session today on my FB page at or on my website at

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