Two Essential Tools for Wellbeing and Happiness

written by: Kathy Best, June 30, 2019

I truly want to support you in shifting your world from mediocre to miraculous! I want you to wake up every day with a renewed sense of confidence, connectedness, calm, curiosity, compassion, and conscious awareness of your innate power to co-create your world.

So how is your day unfolding? Did you set your intentions for the day this morning and picture how you wanted your day to flow? If not, why not? We spend so much time and effort preparing our physical self for the day. We get up, possibly exercise or make a to-do list, clean our body, brush our hair, pick out our clothes, eat breakfast, some of us put makeup and perfume on, all in an effort to present ourselves in a certain way or feel better about our physical appearance, but how many of us take as much time and effort cleaning and updating our mind?

Your mind is where your day and your life is created moment by moment, thought by thought, belief by belief, and feeling by feeling. For a deeper dive into this topic you can follow the link at the bottom of this email to Gregg Braden’s article on rewriting reality. Gregg is a five-time New York Times best-selling author and is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and human potential!

First I want to give you a couple of tools to help rewire and rewrite your life rapidly and radically. 

The first tool is practicing gratitude. For this practice try to spend 3 minutes every night before bed thinking of 5 things or people in your personal life, 5 things or people in your professional life, and 5 things about yourself that you are grateful for. If you can’t come up with enough from that day, go back to the previous day, week, or month, but spend the full 3 minutes feeling gratitude for everything you can think of. A Harvard study found that practicing gratitude had some wonderful effects including:

  • elevates happiness
  • increases energy 
  • decreases depression and anxiety
  • improves sleep
  • decreases headaches
  • improves connections to other people

The second tool is forgiveness. I cannot tell you how transformative and life – changing forgiveness can be. If you are holding on to any desire for revenge, ill-will, anger, resentment, pain, irritation, aggravation, or hate toward a person or event I want you to understand that you are not hurting anyone but yourself. Physically, emotionally, and experientially you are draining yourself of joy, contentment, happiness, peace, love, wellbeing, and health. Holding on to emotionally charged events and people can also contribute to sickness and disease. Forgiveness does not mean you excuse or tolerate bad behavior, abuse, or transgressions. It simply means that you no longer allow another person or incident to control, limit, or burden you. Scientific evidence has shown that practicing forgiveness has a host of benefits like:

  • increased happiness 
  • reduced back pain 
  • improved heart health
  • decreased levels of hostility
  • enhanced capacity to trust
  • increased feelings of love
  • freedom from past events
  • improved mental health
  • improved physical health 
  • assisting weight loss

To practice forgiveness try to spend at least 5 minutes each day forgiving someone for something they have done to you. You can imagine a neutral space and invite a protector, angelic being, spirit guide, or other guardian to stand near you for support and guidance. Then picture the person standing in front of you. Now let them have it. Yell, scream, cuss, rant, or otherwise unleash your anger, pain, grief, resentment and anything else that comes up, at this person. Do this for about 1 – 2 minutes. Now take a breath, try to relax, and imagine what could have caused this person to do, say, or behave in such a way. Could they have been mistreated as a child? Did someone else hurt them the same way they hurt you? Are they trying to heal some deep wound in their own heart and mind? Were they raised by people that disrespected or abused them? Were they trained to behave a certain way? There could be any number of reasons, so just come up with a few that help you feel a little empathy or understanding for this person. Spend about 1 minute on this. Now look them in the eyes and tell them that you forgive them. You do not condone what they did, but you release their hold on you, you wish them well and you set them free. This may be very challenging for some people, but the more you practice the easier it will become and the better you will feel. Start with some small incidences like a waiter being rude, or a customer yelling at you and work your way up to the more difficult experiences.

If you make this a daily practice I promise you will begin to experience little miracles throughout your life and your whole world will shift in beautiful, inspiring ways. 

Grateful and Blessed,

Kathy Best
Your Light Weight Living Coach

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