Can Our Thoughts and Beliefs Create Our Experiences?

Written by: Kathy Best, March 29, 2019

There is a vastly growing evidence-supported philosophy that our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings about ourselves, our lives, and the world create what we experience. Neurobiology, quantum physics, epigenetics and medical science is just beginning to discover that human beings are far more complex and multidimensional than they ever could have imagined.

Research, studies, and personal experiences from doctors, scientists, biologists, psychologists, engineers, and many other fields are all bringing to light mounting evidence that every atom of energy and every cell of life has its own innate intelligence and ability to communicate to every other atom of energy and cell of life.

Scientific evidence is now showing that our brain is not the only organ in our body capable of thought or reasoning. Our physical heart and our digestive system also contain neurons just like our brain that can and do think and communicate with the other organs and cells in our body and can actually sync up with the people around us. We are far more connected to all of creation than we can conceive.

For more in depth information about these topics you can google Dr. Lissa Rankin, Anita Moorjani, Alberto Villoldo, PhD., Gregg Braden, Bruce Lipton, PhD., Anthony William, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mary Morrissey, Marianne Williamson, the late Wayne Dyer, PhD., Dr. Rashid Buttar, the late Louise Hay, Lee Carroll, Amber Wolf, PhD., Marilyn Harper, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Doc Childre, Dr. Brian Weiss, and so many more.

I often hear people discount how our thoughts and beliefs can create our experience, that they have tried changing their thoughts and beliefs and find it impossible, too difficult, or no positive experience is gained from such practice. To those people I feel a more in depth explanation is required. Our personality and most of our beliefs are almost completely developed by the time we are seven years old. These are the formative years of a human life when most behavior and beliefs are programmed, not only by what we are told, but by witnessing the behaviors of those around us and the environments we are forced to navigate.

We carry childhood memories and traumas with us throughout our life and are typically not even aware that our thoughts, beliefs, behavior, and reactions come from unconscious programming instilled in us during our early years. It takes conscious awareness and intention to begin reprogramming what we’ve carried with us and built the foundation of our identity and our lives upon. Many times when we really begin to look compassionately and practically we can recognize that much of what we considered true about ourselves and the world was actually false, or at least not an original thought, but simply something we were told to accept or believe without any proof or questioning.

I spent many years of my life believing what other, (mostly well-meaning and some ill-intentioned), people told me about myself and life in general. I spent almost 30 years of my life believing other people’s truth without question or considering if it benefited me or if it was true for me. In most areas of our lives society and culture do not support questioning supposed truths or authority. I knew even as a child that I was not happy and life didn’t seem to go the way I hoped it would, but I never thought to question my responsibility in the matter. I just assumed the world was not safe, life was tough, you couldn’t trust people, God was standing by to punish me for disobedience, and you had to work hard and struggle just to keep your head above water.

It wasn’t until my late twenties when I was given some books by Deepak Chopra and Neil Donald Walsch that I started considering my way of thinking and believing might not be helpful or even accurate. My ego quickly convinced me that self-inquiry and questioning everything I thought and believed was a waste of time, so I put those thoughts aside for a couple of years and focused on health, nutrition, and fitness. I started attending Unity of the Roanoke Valley semi-regularly and that was the catalyst that got me revisiting the notion that Life wasn’t supposed to be one continuous challenge after another, that God was a loving, forgiving, compassionate being that stood by waiting to offer support and assistance if we asked for and accepted it, that our beliefs and our feelings did indeed play a big part in the way we experienced life and our physical well-being. I was still suspicious and fearful of these new ideas, so I decided to start testing these theories. I read books by Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Michael Neill, Doreen Virtue, Denise Linn, Esther Hicks, and many other new thought leaders and slowly I started practicing conscious awareness of my thoughts and beliefs. I started learning to meditate and I made lists of many of my deep seeded beliefs and started questioning them. I began an inquiry of my repetitive and negative thoughts and reactions from a purely practical and analytical standpoint without judgement or condemnation, instead applying curiosity and examination.

What I discovered shocked me. So many of my beliefs and feelings were based on childhood memories, other people’s judgements or criticisms, and misguided or misunderstood information. I was going through life on autopilot thinking, behaving, and reacting to present experiences using childhood programming and beliefs. No wonder relationships were such a struggle, jobs were never satisfying and friendships never lasted. As I started meditating regularly, listening to Hayhouse radio, taking spiritual development classes, and using positive affirmations to help rewire my thinking things started to shift in unexpected, profound ways.

Work that I had previously disliked became enjoyable, I started getting raises and financial resources from unexpected sources, people that had previously annoyed or angered me didn’t bother me anymore, in fact I started finding things that I liked about everyone. I felt more compassion and understanding for people, even strangers that cut me off or acted rude. I started feeling more generous, loving, kind, and grateful for everything and everyone in my life, including myself. The more I focused on the good in myself and my life the more good I experienced. The more I practiced being present and grateful for everything the more occurred to make me feel grateful and blessed. It was very challenging at times and it felt like the more progress I made the more old stuff would come up to deal with. Sometimes it felt like I was going backward instead of forward. I was so blessed to have a mentor and co-pilot during that time. My mother had been studying many if these new thought practices and spiritual principles for years before I started my inquiry, so she was instrumental in helping me navigate the ups and downs, providing insights, new perspectives, support and encouragement. I dare say I would not have stuck with it without her love, kindness, and wisdom. In the past several years I ran into some new challenges and road blocks, so I invested in several mentors and a coaches to help me uncover some hidden blocks, give me new perspectives, provide me with insights and suggestions, develop action plans, and illuminate my next steps forward.

Another big part of the equation that had to shift along with my thoughts and beliefs was my authenticity and my integrity. You see you can do all of the affirmations and positive thinking in the world, but if you are still doing things out of integrity with who you are trying to become they cancel each other out. You can’t walk around thinking life is good, I am good, I am beautiful, I am powerful, life supports me, I am confident, I am courageous, I am prosperous while you are lying, judging, criticizing, shaming, blaming, envious, stealing, dishonorable, or otherwise unethically behaving. You see words and actions speak louder than thoughts and beliefs. In order to transform your life rapidly your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions all need to be in alignment with one another. This is not to say that changing your thoughts and beliefs won’t have a beneficial effect, but you will continue to run into major challenges, frustration, and inconsistency if your behavior is not in alignment with your thoughts and beliefs.

This is why a mentor, guide, coach, partner, or teacher is a priceless resource. It is a gift you give to yourself to help keep you accountable, encouraged, on track, and moving forward. A coach, mentor, teacher, or partner should be someone that has already done what you are trying to do, or at least is a few steps ahead of you in the process. It should be someone that has a positive presence, is conscientious, compassionate, objective, and resonates with you.

As a wellness and spiritual development coach I’ve invested over 15 years in research, study, training, and practice, testing every manner of nutritional theories, weight loss programs, spiritual concepts and principles, and personal development. I’m a certified nutritional therapist, Rapid Results coach, Reiki practitioner, Quantum Touch practitioner, Lemurian Healing Codes practitioner, Angel Card reader, and an ordained minister.

If you are ready to make some positive, powerful changes in life, if you’re tired of trying to do everything alone, sick of wasting time and energy taking two steps forward and three steps back, if you’re spinning your wheels and feeling stuck and overwhelmed, if you need a friend, confidant, mentor, motivator, accountability partner, someone who sees what you are truly capable of and inspires and encourages you to live the life of your dreams, someone that can help you find some direction and purpose, a guide to help you navigate uncharted territory, or just a few suggestions for getting your new career or business headed in the right direction I would be honored to be of service to you. When we collaborate with one another not only do we flourish individually, but we create a ripple effect that increases the capacity for the collective of humanity to flourish as well.

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