Daily Oracle Message

I usually do a daily oracle card reading for myself and sometimes I do some for friends, but I don’t often ask for a general message for everyone. I decided to try that by asking, “What is most important to share with the world today?” This is what I received:

Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Oracle Card Deck – by: Colette Baron-Reid

The Eyes of Beauty – Challenger

As a challenger, the Eyes of Beauty are a sin that self-centered fear, expressed through harsh judgement, is behind your current circumstances. Are you seeing only the flaws in your circumstances or in another person? Are you looking at what is wrong instead of what could be made right? If you take some time to adjust your eyes and see things exactly as they are, you cannot help but admire their perfection.

Release your expectations and demands, and be with the truth of the way things are now. You are whole and beautiful and perfect, and what you observe is too. It may not be exactly what you want, but perhaps in shifting your vision, you will find clarity and will see that it’s exactly what you need at this time. A total shift in perception is what is required now.

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