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Connecting to Divine Guidance

Doreen Virtue has been an angel communicator for decades, but before she got her start she went to see Neale Donald Walsch give a lecture. As he talked about his Divine messages, Doreen agreed that his dialogue reflected the same messages she had been receiving from God and the angels since she was a small child. It seems that God tells everyone willing to listen similar messages of love, understanding, and compassion. Messages are personalized for every one of us, but their essence is the same, only love is real and fear is the only block to our understanding of this truth.

Many people in Christian faiths have a fear surrounding Divine guidance and hearing or talking to angels. They fear that it’s against God’s will or that it might be a dark force trying to manipulate them. In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul says the ability to receive Divine Guidance “the gift of Prophecy” is a skill to which we should all aspire if we use it with love. Unfortunately, most of us can’t hear the voice of God like Neale Donald Walsch can, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t receive Divine guidance. It doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love us just as much as anyone else. Neil was open, willing, and ready to receive the messages that God had to share and it was part of Neil’s life purpose to share those messages with the world.  Fear is the only thing that blocks us from hearing and having a conversation with archangels, guardian angels, spirit guides, nature spirits, ascended masters, and God. Anyone and everyone can receive clear communication from the Divine realm. We can all learn how to distinguish true Divine communication from the voice of imagination or ego.

God is always sending messages and angels to everyone. Often they don’t come in the form we are expecting, because we are not in a place in our lives that we’re able to receive actual auditory or visual communication.  It usually has to come from other sources, like television, radio, movies, bumper stickers, billboards, other people we know, and even conversations of strangers. Most of it may seem like a coincidence when actually it’s God trying to reach out to us in a way we can accept and understand. There is no such thing as coincidence. Every seeming coincidence has a very specific purpose, even if we do not understand it in the moment. When you’re driving down the road listening to the radio and you’ve been worrying about something or thinking about something that’s been weighing heavily on your mind and you hear a certain song with just the right words you needed to hear in that moment, that’s Divine guidance. If you’re in the grocery store or the coffee shop and you’ve been thinking about a question or an issue you’ve been trying to figure out and you overhear someone’s conversation which happens to include one of the choices or outcomes you’ve been contemplating, that’s not a coincidence, it’s Divine guidance. We all have a host of heavenly help and support. We simply have to ask for it and then accept it.

In reality, you are constantly in contact with God. God is the essence of Who You Are. You were made in the image and likeness of God, which means that the essence of your being is eternal and unlimited and just like God you are a creator. You’re a creator of your reality, a creator of your life, and a co-creator of the world. 

Have you ever misplaced an item and you search everywhere you can think of for it trying in vain to remember where you left it?  You may even get to the point where you feel like you’re just ready to scream or cry and then you just stop trying to think it out and you sit down and let go of it for a few moments and all of a sudden you know where it is! The answer just pops into your head. That’s Divine guidance. Have you ever been driving down the road and suddenly decide to change your lanes for some unknown reason and right after you change lanes immediately ahead of you the person in the other lane rear ends another vehicle or another vehicle rear ends them? That was your intuition, your Divine essence guiding you. Have you ever had a feeling that someone you cared about was in trouble, so you contact them and it turned out that they really needed your help? Or what about when you meet someone new and you instantly get a positive or negative impression about having a relationship with them? Maybe you’re thinking about an old friend for a few days and then the next day you get a call or a card from that person. These are all illustrations of Divine guidance. The Creator and the angels have always communicated with you continuously. They’ve offered you guidance and encouragement from the first day you were born and they will never leave you. Not one moment in your entire history have you ever been apart from Spirit or the angels. You can learn how to strengthen your connection to the Divine and tune into all forms of guidance in your life. When you learn to do this you will begin feeling more peace and more courage to listen to and follow the wisdom of the universe and your own intuition.

Why are we unaware of divine guidance?

Sometimes we simply don’t believe there is such a thing. 

Maybe we were raised to believe that God talked to people thousands of years ago, but once everything we needed to know was written down, Spirit quit talking to people. 

Perhaps we don’t know how Divine guidance sounds, looks, or feels. 

Perchance we’re afraid of being controlled by something we cannot see, or physically touch, so we block out Divine guidance.

Maybe we believe the guidance we receive is just a hallucination or wishful thinking.

We could fear punishment from God and the angels.

We are unable to accept the overwhelming feelings of love we experience when we connect with the Creator and the angels.

We want or expect a different answer than the one we receive, so we ignore it.

Our minds may be blocked with judgment and unforgiveness we feel toward ourselves and other people.

Maybe we’ve never asked for Divine guidance and God’s law of free will says that neither the Holy Spirit nor the Angels can intervene in our lives, unless and until we ask for help.

The good news is that once you identify and remove these fears and misperceptions you can easily receive Divine guidance. When you understand how to recognize true Divine guidance you’ll become aware of its constant presence in your heart, body, and mind.

There are many ways to strengthen your communication channels so that you can clearly receive Divine wisdom and guidance consistently.

Learning the truth that dispels the fears and the blocks that we tend to carry with us is one way to strengthen your communication with the Divine.

Releasing anxiety and fear around Divine communication is another way to strengthen your Channel. Divine guidance is perfectly normal and natural. It is an intrinsic part of your essential being.

Remembering to ask for Divine guidance frequently is one of the best ways to open up the communication channels.

Asking the angels and Spirit to help you increase your faith and trust is essential to receiving and benefiting from Divine guidance.

When you begin overcoming the fears and beliefs that block you from awareness of your Divine guidance it becomes louder, clearer, and stronger.

Many people get frustrated because they struggle to hear or feel the small voice within.  Just remember that when we struggle we hinder our spiritual communication link.  We must learn to relax and let go of any preconceived notions of what we need or want to experience to clearly hear the wisdom and guidance offered to us.

How do we tell Divine guidance from our imagination?

False guidance emanates from your ego or your analytical mind and is always based in fear.  This guidance always waste your time, your energy, and sometimes even your money, leading to more problems and more suffering. Lower guidance from your ego is just as reliable as Divine guidance with one big difference.  Ego guidance always leads to problems and pain. True Divine guidance always leads to love and joy.

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