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Finding the Gifts and Gratitude in our Pain


by: Katherine Best, November 28, 2018

I recently read a post that said some people matured early because life showed them the worst side of the world at an early age. While that can be true in some instances that is not always or even most often the case. Often, seeing the worst side of the world at an early age doesn’t produce early maturity, it creates extra responsibility at a young age, but it also provides an excuse to be depressed, fearful, judgmental, and self-destructive. It allows the perpetuation of a lifelong belief in victims of circumstance and releases the need to take personal responsible for current life experiences and behaviors. Maturity and freedom comes when we can accept our past for what it was and choose to forgive and let go so that we can make our present and future life one of love, beauty, resilience, purpose, joy, and peace. When we can see the gifts in our painful experiences and become grateful for our past, only then can we begin to live our true purpose of conscious, compassionate, heart-centered service to ourselves and all other beings on this planet.

This seems an impossible task, but when you ask for help from the angels, ascended masters, and God nothing is impossible. We were all meant to live of heart-centered, hope-filled, inspired, courageous, connected, harmonious, prosperous, adventures that help us grow, expand, evolve, and reconnect to our eternal Source of wisdom, guidance, power, and love. If we aren’t living that way then we need only ask for guidance and assistance to correct our course, our thoughts, and our beliefs about ourselves, our higher power, and life. Punishing, blaming, and shaming ourselves and others will never solve any of the problems of this world and will only perpetuate the cycles of pain and suffering we have all been experiencing for far too long. Step out of the darkness of old, unbeneficial customs, programming, conditioning, and inaccurate conclusions and into the light of reconnecting, relearning, reclaiming, and remembering who you truly are.

Practice letting go of judgement and stepping into compassion. Rage, grieve, and face the pain buried deep inside you. Sit with it and let it flow in an around you until it is spent. I promise you that eventually it will be spent, but it needs to be seen and heard. It needs to be witnessed before it can be released. You can do this alone, with a trusted friend or family member, or a coach, therapist, counselor, or trained healer. Comfort yourself the way you needed to be comforted when you were a child. Wrap your wounded parts in a blanket of love and compassion and promise to treat yourself with the kindness and care that you need and deserve. Feel appreciation and respect for the strength, talents, and skills you developed through adversity and the many new ways you can use those assets. Then ask your angels, higher power, or God to transmute and transform the chains of bondage that have held you in their grip.

This doesn’t mean that we will instantly become perfect models of love and compassion. We will slip up, quite often at first, falling back into old patterns and routines, but the more me focus our intention and attention on making healthy, positive changes, without beating ourselves up or throwing our progress to the wayside every time we have a setback, the more aware we become and the more rapidly real change unfolds. Practice making conscious, considerate choices instead of unconscious, automatic reactions. Learn to recognize and step out of the stories of the past and the worries of the future and step into the awareness of the moment where you can create happiness, miracles, and freedom. You deserve it and you are so worth the effort.


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