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Opening Yourself Up To Life

Opening Yourself Up to Life

By: Kathy Best, October 6, 2018

When you open yourself up to people and share your struggles, challenges, and fears it allows others to be of service to you, to support you and to empathize with you in whatever way their gifts and talents allow. This is how true connection and relationship develops. The foundation must be laid with honesty, integrity, vulnerability, openness, and authenticity. Confiding and opening yourself to people should not be approached with a desire to get something other than to be witnessed and heard in your time of need. If then something miraculous unfolds it can be experienced with genuine gratitude and wonder.

Our value lies not in what we can give or do for one another, but what we can share, appreciate, and elevate in each other.

Each and every life on this planet has exceptional value and gifts to share. They are all unique versions of similar stories that allow everyone to grow, evolve, and become more understanding and compassionate toward one another. Pain, suffering and challenge allow us to relate to others on a deeper, more intimate level, creating camaraderie and further opportunities to expand and change our vision of ourselves, each other, and the world at large, into something more vibrant and glorious than we could have conceived on our own. It is the darkness that makes the light so much brighter, more beautiful, and more powerful.

All of our experiences are meant to get us to the place where we can empathize, understand, and collaborate using our similarities and common goals for the good of all, instead of focusing on our differences and our self-serving agendas. Life should inspire us to recognize and pursue our capacity to love in the face of all adversity and to treat everyone with the respect and compassion we desire others to treat us with. Before you can experience the treatment you long for, you must first treat yourself thusly in your mind, heart, and behavior. You see the world is always reflecting back to you what you project into it and what you expect from it.

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