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Self-Love Opens You to Your Highest Good

Self-Love Opens You to Your Highest Good

By: Kathy Best, October 2, 2018


I was walking in the park across the street from my house yesterday and I saw a Blue Heron standing in the middle of the creek. It was just standing there on a rock and I got out my phone and began to take pictures of it and it just stood there watching me take pictures of it and I was only a few feet away from it. It got me thinking about how absolutely amazing our planet is. We are all part of an intricate ecosystem that depends upon each other. That Heron is here for a purpose. It does something that is valuable and important to the ecosystem of this planet.

Every person on this planet has value and has gifts to share with this world. To be of service to this world and to themselves. We need to stop hiding from who and what we are. Stop believing that people will judge us or criticize us or stop loving us if we have the courage to step up and show the world who we really are, what we stand for, what we value and the gifts that we were born to share.

That Heron doesn’t stand there wondering what other people are thinking about it or worrying if it’s being judged or if people are thinking its ugly, or where it’s going to get its next meal from. It’s just living in the moment. It’s just doing what it has been born to do. It’s being a Heron every moment of its life without judgement, without worry, without anxiety, without pressure. It’s just doing what it knows how to do. And it knows where to go, when to go, where to find food, where to find shelter and it never worries that it’s not going to find what it needs because it has a knowing. It has a guidance system that it was born with. That has been developed over thousands of years and it relies and it trusts that guidance system.

Every human being on this planet was born with the very same guidance system, but we’ve been taught, we’ve been told, we’ve been programmed that we can’t trust our own inner wisdom. We can’t trust our guidance system. We can’t trust ourselves. We have to look to others outside of us for guidance, for wisdom, for knowledge, for skill. And that I think has been one of our biggest downfalls. One of the biggest reasons why we are all so disconnected from each other and from ourselves is because we are not taught to trust ourselves. We’re not taught to love and respect ourselves. We’re not taught that we have a guidance system that is accurate, that is true, that is wise, that we can depend on. And it’s time that we get that back. It’s time that we start cultivating that. Cultivating the love, the self-love, the self-respect, the trust, the faith, and the knowing that deep within every single one of us, when we go into that quiet place, that silent space, we turn off the chatter of our minds and we ask for guidance we shall receive it, and we can trust it and if we listen to it and take the actions that it’s prodding us, encouraging us to take, we’ll always be going in the direction of our highest good and our highest good and our highest good is going to be the highest good for everyone on this planet. Because we are all connected. We are all part of an intricate ecosystem, a web of life and when we are all listening to the inherent wisdom that we were born with it’s going to guide us in the direction of the highest good for all.


But it starts with yourself. You know Jesus said love your neighbors like yourself. Well that sounds great, but what if you don’t love yourself? What if you don’t respect yourself? How is that going to be represented when you’re walking around in life feeling like you’re worthless, like you don’t matter, like nobody loves you, like you’re a failure, or you’re ugly, or you’re stupid? You wind up treating everyone else in your life the way you feel about yourself. So Jesus’ words were powerful, but they stand on a foundation of self-love and self-respect. If you don’t have that self-love and that self-respect you’re not going to be able to love your neighbor as yourself, so that’s where we need to make the change. It starts with us. It starts within.

We need to cultivate and develop and grow love for ourselves and respect for ourselves and I’m not talking about superficial, ego, conceited love. I’m talking about deep, heart-felt, unconditional love. The love that you have when you’re a tiny baby, when you’re just a little child and the whole world is brand new and it’s wide open and you feel everything. You sense everything. You hear it, you see it, you taste it, you smell it and it’s all for the first time. You don’t have any of the stories, any of the thoughts, or beliefs that have been programmed in you over a lifetime. It’s all new and you’re just experiencing it with a passion and a joy of the moment and you feel love for yourself, because that’s what you are. You Are Love. You lose that as you grow up, because of all the cultural programming, the family programming, the educational programming, the societal programming. It makes you forget who and what you truly are and Love is who and what you truly are.

So I would love to help everyone on this planet rediscover their love for themselves that is going to totally transform their lives and the lives of everyone around them. It’s my passion. It’s my purpose. It’s my heart felt wish and it’s what I’m learning as well. If you’re interested in learning how to take the first step toward self-love and self-respect I’d be happy to be your co-pilot on this journey. Stay tuned for my next video where I will talk about one of the easiest things you can do to cultivate self-love in your life right now.


Grateful and Blessed

Kathy Best

Your Light Weight Living Coach

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