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Archangel Gabriel Message

A Message to You from Archangel Gabriel

I work with all of the Archangels and transcribe messages daily from whichever Archangel has a message to share. I only ask that I be given what is most important for me to share right now, then I let it flow without judgement. I was originally hesitant to post these messages on my website, but after meditation and contemplation I recognized that these are as much a part of what I do as everything else I share and these messages are needed in the world, now more than ever. Here is today’s message:

Dear Children,

You spend your days working at jobs that don’t fulfill you, many that barely pay your bills and then you go home and stuff down your disappointment, fear, shame, guilt, and anger with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, or mindless television shows and online videos. You desperately long for a life of value, purpose, meaning, and reward, but you lack the confidence, faith, experience, skill, “education”, support, or whatever else you feel is standing in your way. If you spent less time doing mindless activities like watching television, playing electronic games, going to sports events, and other social gatherings and more time connecting to the Source of your being, your angels, your guides, ascended masters, and the Universal Life Force you would know in the core of your body, mind, and soul that you were came to this earth to thrive, to share your unique gifts and talents with the world, and to be richly rewarded for your service.

You are a multifaceted,

multidimensional being of energy, light, and love and powerful beyond imagination! When you connect and resonate with this truth the world welcomes you in all of its glory. You will never feel alone or lost again. Synchronicities and miracles become every day occurrences as you are guided to your highest good easily and joyously!

Stop looking outside of yourselves for the answers and go within to heal your life. That is where you will find the golden spark that transforms your life from one of lack, limitation, struggle, emptiness, and frustration to one of unlimited abundance, infinite possibilities, effortless success, endless joy, and unconditional love and fulfillment! Start today, spending time with yourself, asking your Spirit, your Source, and your angels to communicate with you, to you, through you, to help guide and inspire you to realize your true potential and manifest the grandest version of the greatest vision you can hold for yourself. Then, quiet your mind, open your heart, wait and listen for the answers and guidance. They may come instantly or days later. They may come in flashes of insight, images in your mind, or thoughts in your head. They may come in voices just outside your ear, in songs on the radio, in dialogue on your television, or in conversations among strangers. You might see them on billboards, or bumper stickers, on license plates or newspaper articles. They may come as feelings, dreams, ideas, or in conversations with friends, so be open to any and all forms of communication for they will come if you wait, watch, and listen. Remember that all Divine guidance is kind, gentle, but insistent. It will never guide you to do something that would harm yourself or another person.

You are a Divine spark of Universal Light, Love, and Intelligence with the ability to access Universal wisdom instantly. You are the only one that is standing in your way. You have everything you need within you to recreate your life at any given moment. You just need to cultivate it and utilize it. As with any ability or skill, the more you use it the stronger, clearer, and more accurate it becomes. We are all waiting with great anticipation for you to ask for and accept our support and guidance so that you can step into your power. Call upon any of the company of Heaven, or the Universe to assist you in opening your channels of communication and activating your super powers. For that is what they are.

Once you experience the magnificence and glory of co-creating life with us and the Universe you will never desire to live any other way again! You will truly understand and know without a doubt how and why you are connected to everything and everyone and your heart will long to serve the world in the highest capacity. For as you serve the world, so do you serve yourself. What you put out into the world you bring back to yourself 1000 fold!

Love and Light,


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