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A Message from Your Angels

Dear Hearts,

You must raise your vibration to counteract the dense energy of fear and negativity. Your body is a compass and a barometer that tells you where you focus your attention and when you are heading in a non-beneficial or repetitive direction.  Listen to its guidance and wisdom.  Each of you knows intrinsically what you need to do to heal your body and your mind if you simply listen to your intuition and trust that Spirit is guiding you to your highest good. Do not let anything distract or dissuade you in this endeavor. You have much to accomplish and share in this lifetime. False Evidence Appearing Real cannot stop you from living your truth unless you let it. You are an infinite being of eternal power, light, and love! Claim your gifts and your birthright and shower them on the world, then step back and watch blessings and riches return to you 1000 fold.


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