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Meditation, Why’s it Important?

written by: Kathy Best, January 23, 2017



Meditation takes practice and many choose to either give it up or dismiss it as being a waste of time. When starting out we may find it challenging to quiet our minds, as it’s become the norm for our mind to be in a state of constant chatter and endless thought. So why do so many people believe that meditation is critical to our well-being? Meditation can help us to reduce or eliminate stress, reverse chronic illness and anxiety, lose weight, expand our awareness, and increase our personal influence by connecting to Source, to our energy, and to our intuition.

Without this connection to our higher self, God, angels, the Universe, your Intuition, or your higher wisdom, whatever you want to call it; we hardly have any influence at all in our lives. We feel as if our life is simply a set of random events that we have no power and no control over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Once we are in alignment with our true nature, we have clarity of thought and we can tune in and connect to gain inspiration, understanding, wisdom, and guidance; which exponentially increases our own influence and our innate ability to co-create the feelings, experiences, and life we truly desire. If you’ve ever listened to Esther Hicks and Abraham talk about meditation you know that when you’re not in alignment with yourself or with your Source you often tend to drag or attract other people to you that are resonate with your frenetic or disharmonious vibration. These types of people often gather in groups to complain, spread discontent, gloom, and sometimes even hatred. The only way that you can be in alignment with these people is when your vibration or your thoughts and feelings resonate on the same level as these dense energies. Dr. Wayne Dyer and many scientific pioneers agree that every thought and word you think and speak vibrates at a certain rate, just like the atoms of energy in every particle of matter and space in our universe. These vibrations impact the earth’s magnetic grid, our physical cells, and the people around us. If you’re constantly thinking thoughts of anger and resentment, fear and annoyance, or gloom and doom, then you’re going to attract people and experiences that express those same thoughts, feelings and beliefs. People with dense or low energy that gather in groups are much more powerful than a solitary person expressing this low level vibration or resonance. On the other hand, a single person standing in their light and connecting to their Source energy can be 100 times more powerful than a crowd of negative energy. How can this possibly be, you might ask? When you’re disconnected from your source you expend much more energy complaining and promoting discontent without actually investing in or creating a solution. The problems in your life cannot be solved by the same mental attitudes and beliefs that created them. When you take up the practice of meditation you begin to align and connect yourself with a higher energy, a higher vibration, and with the source of your true being. When you make this a regular practice it becomes possible for you to turn off the mindless chatter that’s constantly distracting you from achieving this connection and opens you up to a level of awareness that can achieve anything. The only way to solve the problems in your life is to look at them from a different perspective and work on them from a different energy than that which created them.

When you first begin the practice of quieting your mind during meditation, often random thoughts will pop into your head, this happens because your ego is uncomfortable with this new practice. It’s unfamiliar and it’s often a little scary because your ego is used to being completely in control of your mind and directing all of its thoughts,  its beliefs, and its feelings; so when you are able to find a quiet space in your mind where no thoughts come, there can be quite a bit of resistance in the beginning. There is no need to get upset, frustrated, or angry with yourself when this happens. Simply look at the thought, recognize that it is only there to distract you; it only has the meaning you assign to it, and let it drift away like a cloud in the sky. This may take some time and effort to master but the rewards of maintaining this practice and learning to control your mind are unlimited and powerful. Don’t give up! This is a learned skill and takes time as does anything worth doing. The most important aspects of meditation are breathing deeply, relaxing the body, and expanding your awareness in the present moment. If the only thing you can do is focus on your breathing then you are doing well. This practice allows you to take back control of your life and empowers you to tap into your Genius and become the most calm, capable person that you could ever imagine. As Neale Donald Walsch says, you can become the grandest version of the greatest vision you can hold for yourself. The joy, peace, satisfaction, harmony, prosperity, confidence, and clarity you achieve from this practice is priceless and able to completely transform your life. You also gain wisdom, guidance, and the ability to take action. By following clues that you receive repeatedly, which can come in the form of songs you hear several times, words and conversations that keep coming up, commercials on TV that seem to be speaking to you, thoughts that continue to recur in your mind over and over, or soft whispers that seem to come out of thin air that fill you with love, excitement, and confidence that your dreams are closer than you think.

This YouTube video gives you some science and teachings about the earth energy and how our energy is connected to it and each other. It also offers a short visual meditation around the 6 minute mark. When you have an hour to sit and watch it I highly recommend it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHI5M2W9iT8


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