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Affirmations for Positive Change

Affirmations have been around forever, but they didn’t really seem to hit mainstream until Louise Hay became a leader in the self-help movement. Now everywhere you turn you can find books, classes, and workshops that incorporate affirmations. Affirmations are very useful in helping you change limiting beliefs and critical, sabotaging thoughts. With attention and intention you can consciously reprogram your thoughts and beliefs to support your a prosperous, successful, happy, healthy life of freedom, peace, and ease. Affirmations alone cannot recreate your life, but they are a tool that can have a very positive impact on your mental and emotional well-being as well as your personal and professional relationships. As with all other tools this takes practice and persistence to see results, but the time invested is well worth the effort. Below are some affirmations to get you started. Use affirmations in the morning when you get up to start your day well, during the day when you find yourself struggling, in the evening before bed to train your brain while your are sleeping.



Affirmations to try. (Say these with as much feeling as you can.):

The truth of my being is that I am lovable.

Life loves me every moment of every day.

I am lovable and life loves me.

I am eternal, immortal, universal, and infinite.

I Am what I Am and what I Am is beauty and strength.

In this day I express love to everyone I meet, for I know that I am truly love and loveable.

The universe is abundant, therefore I am abundant and all my needs are met.

I feel successful and confident.

People respond to my radiant energy.

I feel creative and loved, because I love and respect myself.

I always feel directed and organized.

I always attract balance and calm.

My creativity flows from within me at all times.

I attract all that I need to me effortlessly.

I exercise absolute control over my time and my appetite.

I crave only foods and drinks that nourish, heal, and strengthen me.

Everything I consume is processed easily, effortlessly and perfectly.

My body absorbs only the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that it needs to create and maintain perfect health.

I am fit, strong, tone, confident, and vibrantly healthy in every way.

I love the way my body looks and feels.

I am the perfect weight for my body and I look great.

I am confident, courageous, compassionate, and connected to Source.

I co-create the life of my dreams.

I am shining my light for the world to see.

I am passionate and purposeful.

I love life and I love everyone in my life.

I am blessed in every way.

Even challenges and difficulties are here to help guide me to my highest good.

I forgive myself for all of the times I felt I was not lovable.

I forgive myself for all judgments I have placed upon myself and others.

I forgive myself for not believing in my goodness.

I forgive myself for feeling unworthy and undeserving of love.

I forgive myself for all of the times I have attacked and criticized myself.

I forgive myself for giving up on myself and for rejecting myself.

I forgive myself for not trusting myself and for doubting myself.

I forgive myself for all of my mistakes.

I ask for forgiveness so that I can learn and grow.

I accept forgiveness so that I can grow.

I forgive my parents for all of their mistakes. They did the best they could at the time; I hold no ill will toward them any longer.

I let go of all blame and shame and set each of us free.

I forgive anyone that has hurt me. They were wounded themselves and I no longer allow their previous acts to take my happiness and freedom from me.

I am whole, complete, healthy, and appreciate the goodness of life.

I am grateful for all of the gifts Source has given me and I share them freely and happily for the good of all.

I am blessed in so many ways, big and small.

I give and receive generously and easily for I know that what I give returns to me only as much as I am willing to receive.

I am guided and guarded in everything I do.

I listen to my intuition and take action when I am guided to do so.

Divine wisdom speaks to me in myriad ways so I pay attention to everything around me.

I open my heart and mind to the love and beauty of Life.

I pay attention to my thoughts and replace negative thoughts with loving, supportive, encouraging thoughts.

I am a powerful being of energy and light and I can manifest miracles with my beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions.

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