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Celery Juice for Breakfast?

Sip Celery Before Breakfast for Amazing Health Benefits

Written by: Kathy Best, July 13, 2018



According to Anthony William, celery juice is a miracle tonic for chronic illness. He claims thousands of people who suffer from chronic or mystery illness have been able to regain their health by drinking 16 ounces of celery juice each day, on an empty stomach. I’ve always had difficulty accepting another person’s word for something, even if they have ‘evidence” to back up their word. Call me a skeptic or cynical, but I have to test everything on myself before I decide whether to accept it as my truth.

I have to say that after several months of drinking organic fresh celery juice I am feeling better than I have in years. I struggle with a severe form of EBV and chronic inflammation due to long-term mold exposure which left me unable to work and barely able to get out of bed. Celery juice has made a big impact on my recovery.

According to Anthony William, fresh celery juice first thing in the morning strengthens your ability to digest the rest of the foods you eat each day. Celery Juice is high in anti-inflammatory nutrients which benefits people suffering from all types of chronic illnesses, like autoimmune disease, arthritis, Lyme disease, migraines, IBS, GERD, Thyroid issues, etc., and starves viruses and bad bacteria while it breaks down virus cell membranes with its multitude of mineral salts. The naturally occurring sodium in celery also helps normalize blood pressure, it helps draw toxins out of the body, and helps maintain healthy function of kidneys and adrenals. Celery salts cleanse and repair your stomach lining and digestive tract as well as your liver. Celery salts are also extremely beneficial for the brain’s neuron function and the central nervous system. They are healing for people suffering from depression, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, OCD, bipolar, ADHD, memory loss, and PTSD. Celery’s mineral salts kill bacteria like strep which can cause UTI’s, sinus infections, acne, IBS and SIBO. Celery has the ability to remove toxins from the thyroid and increase production of thyroid hormone T3. Celery also has a calming effect on those that suffer from chronic anxiety, fear, stress, or panic. It is also electrolyte-enhancing antiseptic, and balances blood sugar.

I’ve just highlighted a few of the many benefits of celery juice, I may write a longer article later, or you can check out Anthony William’s blog on his website Medical Medium. Now to get to the most important question, “How does it taste?” Okay, I am not going to lie to you. Let me start off by saying that, while I have a juicer, I have not actually tried to juice the celery, per se. I do not like to waste food, since it is so expensive, and I feel the added fiber in the flesh is important, so I use my Blendtec blender and turn the whole celery into a juice substance. This may impact the taste of it mightily, so if someone else would like to actually use a juicer and share their results that would be great. The organic celery I use from the grocery store has a bitter taste. This bitterness is enhanced by adding the leaves of the celery stalks to the mix, but I have researched that the leaves are very beneficial as well, so why waste them? The bitterness can be overcome by adding a little whole leaf stevia, but make sure you get the real stuff and not some imitation or hybrid stevia. Again, I don’t know how adding stevia affects the effects of the celery juice. Here is my process:

Take 4 or 5 large stalks of celery.






Chop them up into chunks so they are easier for the blender to pulverize.

I toss the tip and the bottom 1\4 inch of each stalk, the small center stalks that are mostly white, and some of the leaves that look undesirable, because I feel those parts are not as alive or beneficial as the rest.

Then I get my blendtec and dump the celery pieces in, adding a small amount of filtered water to get the celery juicing.






Push the Juice button on the blender and watch it go.

Open it up and pour out the rather frothy juice and drink up.






Side note: some of the froth, which I assume is fiber gets stuck in the lid, so I scoop it out and add it to my cup.


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