The 4th Key to Mindful Weight Loss

The 4th Key to Mindful Weight Loss

Meditate, Pray, or Contemplate Daily

            Written by: Kathy Best, March 29, 2018

Spend less time doing and more time being. We are not human doings, we are human beings. Our modern culture has totally robbed us of our intrinsic connection to the Source of our being. We tend to spend most of our lives on auto-pilot, stumbling through life without being truly aware of our body and the many ways it speaks to us. Our feelings are another aspect of ourselves that we ignore, dismiss, or stifle because we were never taught how to process our feelings in a healthy, healing manner. Intuition is another aspect of ourselves that we tend to completely ignore. This facet of our being is one of the connections we have to higher guidance and wisdom, but we are taught not to trust our innate intelligence and to ignore our intuition. Many well-meaning parents, teachers, peers, and siblings, and some not so well-meaning, believe they know what’s best for us and if we’re not doing it their way we’re wrong. When we continue to ignore our intuition nagging physical symptoms can sometimes become illness. So spend time daily quieting your mind and getting in touch with your internal guidance system of loving wisdom emanating from your heart and your core. Find something that allows you to cease your endless doings for at least 30 minutes each day, so that you can begin to hear and feel the loving guidance that is ready and willing to support you in becoming the Divine Genius you were meant to be.

Whatever your religious beliefs may be, it is a scientific fact that everything and everyone in this cosmos is made up of matter. Matter is made up of atoms that are constantly moving and vibrating. On an atomic level we are all made up of energy vibrating at differing levels and rates. The energy we are made of and the energy fields we generate effect and impact everyone and everything around us. Did you know that the CIA has long held scientific evidence that the human mind does not process what the human eyes see? The human mind actually projects what the eyes see! Let me rephrase that another way. Our human mind does not take images our eyes view and process them into things we can understand. Our mind actually creates and then projects our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences out into the world for our eyes to witness! If you have a hard time swallowing that information you are not alone. I had a very difficult time with that subject when I first encountered it years ago, but quantum science and neuroscience have both confirmed that this is so. I could spend hours on this topic alone, but that is for another day. Suffice it to say that what our thoughts focus on create what we see and experience in our lives. If you want to learn to redirect your thoughts and expand your consciousness so you can experience a calmer, more meaningful life try out meditation, affirmations, contemplation, mantras, tai chi, qui gong, or asking for divine guidance.  All of which, can teach us to become the master of our mind, instead of letting our mind mast us.

Whether you call it Allah, God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, Cosmic Energy, Mother Nature, the Universe, Higher Power, or Divine Awareness; there is something infinite and purposeful at work in the multi-verse we live in. It defies explanation, is continually re-creating itself, and is completely indiscriminate and impartial in its purpose, wisdom, support, and guidance. Accessing this higher power is as simple as getting quiet, going within, clearing our monkey mind of all the random thoughts and stories we continue to play over and over, and opening our heart and mind up to the Source of our being. This connection may seem difficult to obtain at first, simply because it is new to us and anything new is typically a challenge. After all, we didn’t learn to read or write overnight and we did not develop our thought patterns and beliefs overnight.  Be compassionate and gentle with yourself as you attempt this new practice, because that is exactly what it is, a practice. Over time, and probably sooner than you expect, you will begin to create new thought patterns and new beliefs to replace the old limiting ones that hold you back or no longer serve your best interest. You will also discover a new awareness of your body and its ever present conversation with you. You will become less obsessed with the trivial superficialities of modern life and more concerned with your relationships to the people around you and the world in general. Life will start opening up more opportunities for you to shine the brilliant light your uniqueness was born to share with the world. Circumstances will start working for you instead of against you. I am not saying there will never be problems, tragedy, or pain in your life, but you will have a confidence and faith that whatever brought you to this point was purposeful and meaningful and you are never alone or helpless no matter how much conditions indicate otherwise. If you still have not heard enough reasons to begin a spiritual practice, it has also been shown that people who meditate, pray, or contemplate regularly are less likely to be overweight.

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