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The 2nd Key to Mindful Weight Loss

The 2nd Key to Mindful Weight Loss

Drink More Water!

Written by: Kathy Best 03/13/2018

Today I am sharing the second key to mindful weight loss. Drink plenty of clean, pure, fresh water, then drink some more. Your body is made up of anywhere from 55% to 78% water depending on age and weight. Every organ in your body is made up of or requires water to function properly. Water smooths your skin, breaks down nutrients in your intestines, improves cellular function, and helps regulate your body temperature. Men should try to consume at least 3 liters per day and women usually require at least 2.2 liters. This varies with activity, location, and weather. Many people often mistake thirst with hunger. The best course of action is to drink a glass of water when you think you may be hungry and if you still feel hungry ten minutes later, then eat something nutrient rich.

Today’s public water systems are often outdated and inadequate when it comes to proper contamination prevention and system upkeep and maintenance. Do yourself a favor and invest in a quality water purification system. Even if you cannot afford a whole house system there are many affordable kitchen systems that can reduce your potential risk of toxic exposure to bacteria, lead, mercury, fluoride, (yes, I said fluoride.), chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

If water just isn’t your thing you can start to change that mindset by adding fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to it. You can also use any fresh fruit in your water to give it some flavor and added minerals. If you just cannot do without something sweet, try a few drops of natural liquid Stevia to satisfy your taste buds. I get bored with water myself, but I have found that making a pitcher of lemon/mint water, or ginger water quenches my thirst and provides me the variety I crave. . Your imagination is the limit. Here are some ideas if you lack imagination. You can make blueberry water, (just make sure to use wild blueberries as they offer more health benefits), orange water, cucumber/mint water, cherry water, strawberry water, blackberry water Liquid Stevia drops also come in flavors just be cautious of the added ingredients and make sure they are organic and chemical free. I suggest NuNaturals Stevia Pure Simple Syrup or Now Foods Stevia Glycerite

The bottom line is water not only nourishes every cell and organ in your body, it also reduces the likelihood of over-eating. So if you want to lose weight and feel better be mindful of the quality and quantity of water you drink.

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